Nov 3 2020

False Accusations by the Religious

The Final Sacrifice for SinJesus was an innocent man, not guilty of any of the things that he was accused of. The religious leaders made up things against him, things not even the politicians of that day would buy. Yet, due to unrelenting pressure he was sentenced to death. Jesus exposed the religious leaders hypocrisy and self-service. People were being enlightened to the truth by Jesus and these evil leaders could have none of that. So, they fabricated stories that were not true to win the people over to them so they could do away with Jesus. They won their case, not because Jesus was guilty, but because of you and me. He willingly let them win so he could ...

Oct 19 2020

It’s Movie Time!

It's movie timeA great movie is not just words a pictures. It's a combination of words, pictures, and music combined in such a way as to stir ones emotions. Once emotions are stirred, what you are seeing and hearing seems very real. You actually FEEL it's real. If a movie did not do that, it would be a dud! When it comes to faith, we must produce and direct such a movie in our imagination. We need pictures and sound, something that will stir our emotions to the point of believability. If you don't feel what you are producing in your imagination is REAL, you will not have what you're seeking because faith has not yet been produced and developed ...

Oct 15 2020

It’s a Thinking Problem

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was pleasant to look at.The result of the “fall” of mankind by partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a thinking problem. The mind of mankind became corrupted with non-God thoughts. The mind became independent from God’s thoughts and lost its understanding of who man was and who God was in relation to them. They lost their pure way of thinking. Good and evil convoluted their thoughts that resulted in a new awareness, a false awareness. Shame and fear took over that caused them to hide from God. Man has been “hiding” from God ever since. God became a man in Jesus to restore purity in ...
God's Thought expressed as light

Sep 22 2020

Our True Nature

The last day for the Adamic race was the day Jesus was crucified. When he resurrected a new day dawned along with a new creation. We are that new creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works. This is not just a teaching; this is the truth. Adam, along with all the things that came about through the fall was obliterated on the cross! On the cross Christ took the whole Adamic race with him and crucified it once and for all. He terminated all that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil perpetrated upon mankind. Adam was canceled! In resurrection a new creation was born. Today, this very moment, we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. ...

Sep 9 2020

We Are Entangled with God

God is madly in love with YOU. You are here because of His intention. You excite Him and the thought of living a day with you fills Him with great joy. God is Spirit. You have a spirit to provide a home for Him within the confines of your body. It is in this most holy place that we commune with God, giving Him a way to find expression through us and thus be glorified in this world. Our entanglement with Him through fellowship is expressed in love, the essence of who He is. This love beings us comfort and casts out any trace of fear. Thus our lives express purity and wholeness; rest and peace. His presence within magnetizes ...
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