Say Hello To Mike

The purpose of this blog is to provide encouragement and motivation so that you will “send out your roots” into places where you can grow and create overwhelming results in your life.

Every one of us has God given potential within. God created each of us on purpose for a purpose. He did not plan for us to fail, but to succeed and live the abundant life. Whether you believe what the Bible says or not, it doesn’t matter. You were created to win and win in a big way!

This blog will provide strategies, ideas, and material that you can use as inspiration to live a life to your fullest potential. My approach will be from a Biblical point of view, for the foundation of all truth and success principles originate from God and are revealed in His Word. Every book ever written regarding success, wealth, or health can be traced back to Biblical truths. Therefore, whether you’re a Christian or not, what will be presented in this blog will work for you.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here. Visit us often as we dedicate our lives to help you win. I hope to hear stories about your successes and please feel free to communicate with me those successes and any questions you may have.

Michael Puskas

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