Pregnant with a Promise-How Faith Works to Get What God Says

Pregnant with a promise

What I am going to write in this post will blow the minds of the religious, but that is fine with me.  What I mean by being religious is being under the influence of the teachings of men rather than the anointing and power of God.  Teachings and commandments of men have long kept Christians from enjoying the fullness of God.  The religious mind has its OWN views of God with little or no knowledge of Scripture or the power of the Holy Spirit’s operation in the lives of true believers.

Having said that, I pray you will be open to what I am about to tell you, for it is powerful.  If you want to experience more of God.  If you want more faith and more power in your life, you must get pregnant!  I know what you are thinking.  Michael, where are you going with this?  I am going where few will dare to go…

If you want to experience God, hear His voice, live with power, then you must get pregnant with His promises.  To get pregnant with God’s promises is no different than getting pregnant in the natural.  You must have intercourse with God’s Word.  Intercourse is, according to the dictionary, dealings or communication between individuals or groups.  It is an exchange of thoughts and feelings, etc.  And yes, it is a sexual coupling, but that is not the meaning what we are conveying here.  Intercourse, in this writing, means an exchange of thoughts and feelings with God’s Word.  It means that we are breathing out our hopes and desires in exchange for His answers.  As you engage God’s Word in this way, you will conceive a promise that will gestate and grow INSIDE of you.   This gestation process will continue until the season comes for the promise to give birth.

I have seen many pregnant ladies in my lifetime and most of them do the same things.  Once they conceive they do things differently and act differently.  They watch what they eat and drink.  They nourish themselves for the sake of the baby inside of them.  The cut out bad habits and some exercise to prepare for the day of the baby’s arrival.  They have baby showers.  They prepare rooms, buy cribs, strollers, car seats, diapers, and everything else they can in ADVANCE OF THE PROMISED child.

I have also seen couples who found it difficult to conceive, but they kept trying because they wanted a baby more than anything.  We all know what “they kept trying means.”  They had intercourse, probably a lot!   Some of us have challenges believing God’s Word and therefore must do the same.  We must have intercourse or commune with God’s Word UNTIL we conceive a promise.

What does that look like?  My experience is that when I read God’s Word and see a promise that I desire to manifest in my life, I pray or commune with God.  I go back and forth concerning this word or promise until something happens IN me.  I speak to God and He speaks to me until faith operates and I conceive His promise within me.  When that happens I ALREADY KNOW the promise WILL HAPPEN in my life.  That doesn’t mean the promises showed up, it just means that I KNOW It’s on its way.

Often pregnancy is referred to as EXPECTING.  They say of the pregnant woman, “Oh, how wonderful, you are expecting!”  Isn’t that what pregnancy is?  It’s an expectation.  Is the baby here yet?  No!  We are expecting its arrival in the future.  Expectation is being persuaded with certainty that something promised WILL happen.

When we become pregnant with God’s Word we are expectant of the promise.  It’s not here yet, but we KNOW it’s coming.  There is a surety within us so we begin to prepare for the arrival of the promise.  We tend to rid our lives of hurtful things.  We focus on the promise.  We guard our thoughts. We feed and nurture the promise through prayer and meditation.

Years ago, I was broke and desperate.  I was religious.  I was taught poverty was a virtue.  Money was not to be sought after and the only thing that mattered was Christ and the church.  As a result, I ended up divorced and bankrupt!  There I was, a devout Christian with all of God’s promises in a Book on my dresser.  I was totally defeated and in despair.  I cannot begin to tell you of the heartache I felt at that time in my life.  I just about threw in the towel.

As bad as that was, I really didn’t change.  I remained under that same teaching and carried on the same life, a bit more broken, but still in my rut.  Here I was, born-again, but I never really got pregnant with a promise.  Oh, I read the Word, but I never conceived.

What changed?  How did I get to a place where I begin to see miracles, signs, and wonders?  What happen when a group of us laid hands on a child with a brain tumor and it disappeared?  What happened when I prayed for a boy in a coma and he miraculously came out of it and was released from the hospital in record time?  What happened when I anointed my daughter with oil and she was healed of a jaw problem.  What happened when a brother spoke of necks being healed (I had chronic neck pain) and I was healed instantly and never had neck pain again?  What happened when I needed tires and a new garage door and the money just showed up?  What happened when I needed a new car and one was provided for me without cost?  How did this stuff happen?

One day as I was reading the Bible I came to the realization that what was in that Book did not match the life I was living (I’m a slow learner).  Let me tell you what happened.  I GOT MAD!  I was so angry that I begin to do something about it.  I started listening to teachers who had the RESULTS in their lives that I wanted.  I began to have communion with God and His Word as never before.  I began to have true intercourse with God’s Word and guess what, I GOT PREGNANT!  I conceived a promise of God and gave birth.  I continued and will continue to have intercourse with His precious Word all the days of my life.  I desire a HUGE family of God’s promises manifesting in my life!  Don’t you?

Think of it.  Dozens of living, growing promises invading your life!  Do you need healing?  Have intercourse with God’s Word on healing and get pregnant!  Do you need provision?  Have intercourse with God’s Word on wealth!  God wants you fertile and always pregnant with His promises.  He longs to extend His family and bring heaven to earth.  Every time you give birth to a promise, heaven invades earth.  Every time you give birth to a promise you bring hope to others.  Every time you give birth to a promise you demonstrate the goodness of God.

I hope that this way of writing didn’t offend you, but if it did I accomplished my purpose—a reaction.  This post is meant to CAUSE A REACTION inside of you.  If you are religious, you will blow off what you just read and write me off as a kook.  If you are hungry for God, you will ask the Holy Spirit to unveil more to you. You will look at God and His Word differently.  God will no longer be an abstract being in the sky.  The Bible will no longer be just words printed on paper.  God is living and His Word is living and operative.  We MUST, at all costs, have intimate relationships with the Word.  We must go through the process of intercourse, conception, gestation, birth, and maturity of God’s promises.

I challenge you have intercourse with God and His Word.  That is, communion, fellowship, and exchange of thoughts and emotions with Him.  Get into the Bible and let it get into you.  Sooner or later you will become pregnant, you will conceive a promise and give birth in due season.  Speaking of season, there is a season that transpires between conception and birth.  I have seen MANY expectant mothers toward the end of their pregnancy grow weary of carrying their baby.  They wish it was over with.  They would pull it out if they could!  Well, that is what It’s like sometimes when we carry God’s promises for a while.  We grow inpatient and just want the promise to manifest.  Be patient and persevere.  For in due season the promise WILL manifest.  This is absolutely guaranteed! It HAS to.

If you desire healing or fixing your money problems, please go to the opt-in section of this blog and when you do, you will receive my free eBook that contains many promises of God regarding healing and prosperity.  Have intercourse with these promises.  Get pregnant with the promises.  Meditate on them until you give birth.  It works like this EVERY TIME.  Now I pray you prosper and are in good health all the days of your life!  Thanks for reading and if you received help from this writing, please share it with others.)





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