Our Imagination, the Creator Within

Our highest compliment to God our Father is to use our imagination to create the life we desire and to follow our intuition (gut feelings) to bring what we imagine into manifestation.

We are electromagnetic by design. Our imagination is a powerhouse of vibrational energy. This energy is a combination of thought and feeling. Thought is the electro side and feeling is the magnetic side. When what we think is charged with feeling all creation responds to make what we imagine manifest. The right circumstances and situations “magically” appear. The right people show up to help our imagination become reality. This is law. This is how God made us…as he is!

God's Thought expressed as light
God Spoke His Thoughts and Creation Was.
The problem is, especially today, people use their imagination to attract what they do not want, being influenced by the messages of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness all around them. In such cases, if we want to change the outcome of our lives we have to change the income of our mind. We have to guard our heart, the workshop of imagination, above all else. We let nothing in that we do not desire. We are disciplined because we don’t want to fall victim to the deceptions and lies feeding most people today. This is the broad way that most are ignorantly taking. The narrow way is my decision to create the life I want, not want advertisers and others around me want. I am free! I was born free to magnify God by creating only good! It’s always a choice.

Your life is YOURS and no one else’s! Your decisions are literally life and death. Choose life and use your imagination for the highest good and best for you so you can become a beacon of hope, a light to the world around you!

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