Faith is Easy

Being child-like
Faith requires that we fully apprehend what we cannot physically see. We actually live in an invisible reality through our imagination to see and enjoy, in advance, what we fully expect to manifest in time and space. Faith is seeing ahead of time, into a future event, and actually experiencing it within before it happens without. This is living from the inside out. This is living as Jesus.

Everything that Jesus did in the flesh He imagined ahead of time through the guidance of the Spirit what he would do in any given situation. He fed the 5000 in his imagination before it actually happened. The Bible tells us that he already knew what he was about to do before He asked the disciples how they were going to feed that many people. He already knew that Lazarus was dead and envisioned how he was going to raise him from the dead before it actually happened.

Even the woman with an issue of blood imagined touching the robes of Jesus to be healed before she actually did it. She was healed in her imagination before she was physically healed. In other words, her faith saw her healing ahead of time.

Faith is our “ahead of time“ sense. Faith doesn’t need present proof of anything that it seeks for faith IS the proof.

Everything that I am stating here is available to you right now. You do not have to wait for your healing. You do not have to wait for the provision for whatever you want. You can go ahead of time and imagine it as though it already was. Do what Jesus did. Do with the woman with the issue of blood did.

This is not rocket science, rather it is very simple and easy. It is so easy that a child can do it. As a matter of fact, only a child-like a person can do this. In other words, we have to become like little children. Jesus even said that to enter the kingdom of heaven we must become like a child. A child does not understand impossible. A child has a very strong and powerful imagination. A child just listens and absorbs what their parents do and say and do and say the same things.

Even Jesus was like a child when He saw and heard the Father within and just did what He saw and heard the Father do.

Adults have a tendency to complicate things because they live by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They’re always weighing what is possible and what is impossible. They’re always trying to figure out how and when. Their logic gets in the way of their God-given imagination to see beyond the veil into the realm of all things possible.

All we need to do is to be simple and trusting like a little child. Then rest calmly, using our imagination to see the unseen and with a great expectation looking forward to its manifestation.

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