Quantum Science Meets Biblical Truth

Today I will give you a very condensed lesson on quantum physics and how it confirms Biblical truths. I have been fascinated by quantum physics for years and my study is helping me make sense of the Bible.

God's Thought expressed as light
God Spoke His Thoughts and Creation Was.
Quantum is the “stuff“ from which all things are made. Quantum is intelligent energy until it is observed. When quantum is observed it turns from energy into matter (something tangible). Therefore, everything you see and experience came from the quantum (energy) realm and now exists in that realm as matter (something tangible). This is science and cannot be refuted. Not only is this science, but this is how God made the universe and how we enjoy co-creation with him every single day.

It is important to understand that quantum energy responds to our observations (things we think about). This is how we have what we think about. What our mind focuses on and pictures eventually becomes a reality. This is what is called the observer effect, in quantum lingo.
Jesus said that when you believe you HAVE received (past tense) something when you ask, you WILL HAVE (future tense) it. When you believe that you’ve already have something in advance of receiving it, you will have it in time.

What Jesus was saying is that if you can observe (in your mind) what you desire (what is potential in the quantum field), ahead of time, you will have it in time. Again, this observation takes place in our thoughts. Believing you ALREADY received something before you can physically see or experience it is what the Bible calls faith. Faith is the EVIDENCE that you already have what you desire. In quantum language, your observation in the quantum (invisible energy) field, through your thoughts, collapses your desires into matter, something tangible in time and space.

This is a VERY condensed lesson on how science is confirming truth. Science is now able to give some concrete explanations to Biblical truths and this is both exciting and wonderful!

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