Modern Day Slaves Getting Set Free

Modern Day Slavery
We are all slaves, plain and simple. We work hard week after week and just end up standing still. Our dreams seem impossible to attain and we are living way below the standard we are capable of. Why…

We are people who have been conditioned to accept being suppressed by tyrannical governments and allow these governments to steal more than 50% of our wages through taxation without true representation. This disables the people from enjoying what they could have and do. This system requires both man and wife to work and leave their children in the care of indoctrination centers that we call educational systems developed by the same people robbing us blind week after week. Thus the slavery continues unchallenged because we have been conditioned to accept our plight as normal. Well it’s not!

The good thing is people are starting to wake up and this sham will come to and end. How?

As more people awaken, in spite of the propaganda machine we call news, the more the evil puppeteers behind the scene will be afraid. Their biggest fear is an awakened society. Why? Simple…we outnumber them!

People will soon learn of the lie we have been living under and the illusions that have been forced upon us. The man or men behind the curtain are being exposed and many of us see plainly the scam that we have been living under for decades.

They are scared. Look at Washington DC. It looks like a concentration camp. Is all that fencing and razor wire there to protect them? From who? This has never happened before! Don’t you question this? Why now? They know that we know what they have been doing! They are afraid for the first time in American history, they know that we caught them!

As more and more people awaken and begin to actually question what is going on the greater our chances of becoming a free people again. No more illusions and lies. No more stealing, killing, and destroying the lives of innocent people. No more propaganda and brainwashing by an evil media. What can we do?

Here is what we all need to do. Shut off all mainstream media and begin to question what you see. They are using media to brainwash us and they are shutting down truth on social media so we don’t question their narrative. We need to go within where Spirit is and let our intuition become alive again. The Spirit will reveal the truth to you. I 100% Guarantee it! He will teach you and show you the truth. How do I know? He has and is showing me and millions of others around the world. He will guide you into ALL truth including the brainwashing of religious systems that actually keep people from knowing God on a personal and intimate level.

Jesus said that the TRUTH will set us free. Well, he was right! Without truth we remain slaves in a system meant to steal, kill, and destroy us.

Take a break. Learn to think, ponder, and consider what is going on around you. Does it make sense? Do things add up? Your seeking will bring you to truth, a truth that will set you free. Questioning is vital. If we don’t question the Spirit cannot lead us. Be inquisitive and just experience what will happen.

Now go and be set free!

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