Life vs. the Knowledge of Good and Evil

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil produced enmity, a divide and strive. It demands that one picks sides and offers no peace…ever!
The tree is life is the well of living water flowing from one source, the throne of God. It brings life, love, peace, hope, joy, and abundance. There are no sides for it offers one source: God himself.

The tree of life is Christ in you, the expectation of God being fully expressed in all who live in the awareness of Him. To express God is to manifest Love and Light by the power of the Spirit. This is the reality of the tree of life. One source, one power, one life, and one living.

What the world needs now is love. What the world needs now is the revelation light of the glory that is hidden in each one of us. The problem is the knowledge of good and evil tries to cover the truth of who we really are and keeps us imprisoned by its content hissing and whispering of lies and deception. Causing us to chose good or evil day after day. There is no peace in that. Thus many never come to know their true identity in Christ. But, there are some who experience no strife and this means that they have found their true source and live in His reality.

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