Thoughts and Feelings Become Things

Be careful what you consciously focus on because your focus produces feelings and feelings attract the manifestation of that reality.

Your purpose will find you when you are magnetized.
I thank God that he has shown me how thoughts and feelings work together to give birth to my reality. Not knowing how he created us can be dangerous or at the very least leave us unfulfilled. But knowing we can control our thoughts that give rise to certain feelings is freeing.

We are electromagnetic beings. The electro part is our thoughts. The magnetic part is our feelings. When our thoughts are charged with feelings, those feelings attract the manifest reality of what we are feeling. The Bible calls it “deep calling to deep.” This is what we refer to at times as either “being on a roll” or “why does this keep happening to me.”

Have you ever had a success and the more you “feel” successful the more success comes? That’s “being on a roll.” The contrary is we get into a cycle of one thing after another bombarding is negatively. This leaves us feeling “why does this keep happening to me.” Little did we know that we created both realities by our thoughts and feelings!

Guard your heart above all else, for out of it come the issues of life, the Bible teaches. If you are in a bad “rut” you can get out of it by changing your thoughts. If you want success in any area focus on the feeling of success and what you seek will come of its own accord.

Be aware of thoughts and feelings and you can predict your future.

57 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feelings Become Things”

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