The God Frequency

God Frequency
The Spirit of God is the Breath of God. God’s breath is divine creative energy and carries a frequency that causes whoever hears his frequency to respond in its mirror image. The Spirit is the I AM in limitless form.

If we tune into the Spirit, Energy, Frequency of God through whom all things exist, we can enjoy whatever our heart desires for the Spirit responds in us according to our deepest feeling or belief.

This is why spiritual meditation is vital. When we meditate on His word which is spirit and life, we become recipients of the reality of our deepest meditations. This is you and me experiencing our co-creative powers…God and humankind creating what we imagine and feel to be true.

This is how we are healed and live abundantly. We enter the creative chamber of thought and feel as though our thoughts of “what if” are real. The Spirit joins in to create that which we feel to be true and in due time what we seek manifests. How the manifestation occurs is none of our business. We trust the One who empowers our dreams to make them real. The result of such a process is life and peace. We feel that it is finished and are filled with the joy that our baby (thing desired) is coming into the world.

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