It Already Is

Everything that is already was. All that we experience with our five senses existed in the eternal, waiting to be manifest by someone who could see it in the invisible before it showed up in the physical.

Overtaken by blessings
Overtaken by Blessings

This means that what is not now in the physical can come to you for 5-sense enjoyment just by using your imagination to get it here. You really don’t have to struggle to “get” it here for God has a plan to get it to you. You just must present your desires to him by imagining and speaking them forth. You say, “How can that happen; when will that happen?” However, that is the beauty of this whole creating thing. We are in partnership with the Source of all. Our part is to imagine, and his part is to send it by whatever means he sees fit. He wants to surprise you! Don’t you love pleasant surprises? You just must KNOW that what is not now will be, for it already is; you just must believe this true.

Remain in faith. What is faith? Faith is the feeling of KNOWING. You just know that what you desire is about to show up for you KNOW that it already exists and expect delivery from the Father by whatever means he sees fit. The how and when are irrelevant. Time is a nothing-burger! Give time no attention. Just enjoy your now moments and be a peace. Get excited for what you believe is about to show up!

Let me give this analogy before I go: Let’s say you desire something and find it online. You don’t have it yet, but you want it. What do you do? You place an order. How do you FEEL when you place the order? I don’t know about you, but I expect it to show up! I feel as though it’s already mind, it just has to physically get here. Once the order is placed, I pretty much forget about it because I KNOW it’s coming. I am not sure how it’s coming, UPS, FedEX, DHL, who knows, I don’t even care how or when, I just know it’s on its way. All I did is place the order and it’s already mine and on its way.

God’s way is MUCH better! You don’t have to PAY for anything. You just have to IMAGINE and FEEL it already is. That’s ALL you must do. God does the rest! Awesome, isn’t it? It’ fun being made in God’s image to co-create with him and enjoy life more abundant. Make it a fun day! Now go create something so our God can show-off!

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