Effortlessly Living a Life of Blessing

Living Effortlessly
Living Effortlessly
It’s a wonderful thing that everything but mankind toils, labors and sweats to survive. Animals gather their provision. They don’t sow for it, they just go and gather it. Plants gather their nutrition for soil, rain and sunlight. They don’t sweat to survive. They simply receive from God’s provision. Yet mankind does! Why? Because we live in a false awareness.

When Adam partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil he gained a new awareness. He lost his simplicity of just gathering from God’s provision in the garden and was deceived to think we had to earn his way by his new found knowledge of good and evil. Thus, because of independent thinking Adam thought he had to make it on our own. He lost God’s provision in the garden and learned to toil just to survive.

Then a wonderful thing happened. Jesus came to save us from the mistaken identity that Adam picked up in the garden. He revealed what is was like to live dependent on God and free from painful toil and labor. Jesus effortlessly lived under the Father’s provision because He lived from the inside out, not depending on the outside to affected the inside as as Adam did. He let the Father’s life flow freely from His. Thus he could heal EVERYONE and provide for thousands with very little. Was that an effort. He defied wind and waves! He walked on water and raised the dead! He transported from one place to another! Did He break a sweat? NO! He let the life within do the work. It was AMAZING!

The people WERE amazed! Never was there a man like this man! Pay attention! He was the prototype! He was demonstrating how WE could live that way through His death and resurrection. Yes! We are NOW as He IS! We just don’t realize it. We are still under a false illusion and living by the mistaken identity of having to struggle for survival instead of living from the Christ within, the Christ mind we NOW have. It’s effortless!

The only thing stopping us is our wrong THINKING. We still live under the lie of ADAM, the old creation which was corrupted by twisted, perverse thinking. Adam believed a lie and was deceived to think that he lacked something and had to get his illusional lack fulfilled on his own. WRONG!

Christ released us from Adam’s wrong thinking and provided a better way. The way God intended from the very beginning. LIVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT! This is true salvation. This is true freedom. This is CHRIST IN YOU AS THE HOPE OF GLORY!

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