The apostle Paul lived by the personal revelation of Jesus Christ. What he wrote about was what the Spirit of Christ revealed to him. He wrote things that Jesus NEVER taught as a man. Why? Because Christ was in Paul teaching him as he lived his life in that moment. Paul then shared what the Spirit taught.

Are we different than Paul? Would Christ not reveal something fresh to you as you lived your daily life in the awareness of him? Did not Jesus say when the Spirit of truth comes that he would guide us into ALL truth or reality? Did he not say that this Spirit of truth would also teach us of THINGS TO COME?

John said that we have an Anointing (Christ within) and have no need to be taught by anyone outside of us. Because the anointing WITHIN would teach us. We spend all of our lives seeking for answers “somewhere out there.” We have been so conditioned to live in the flesh (our 5 senses) that we find it difficult to live by the Spirit WITHIN! We ignore the voice (thought) of God within us because we don’t recognize that our thoughts are often his speaking.

We go to revivals and go to deliverance meetings seeking relief from sources outside of us. My friend, the answers are within! Christ is IN you! He is the hope of manifesting whatever you need via God’s glory within. Healing is within! Wealth in within! Joy is within! The meaning to your human life is within! Salvation is within! You have it all through Christ!

Stop seeking for answers OUTSIDE of you. Close your eyes and just breath. Release all the anxiety and fear through each breath and focus on the things above (that are actually within). Think about what you want. Envision it. Feel as though you have it RIGHT NOW. Get exited about what you see within until it becomes more real that what is without. This is faith! This is believing you HAVE received before it physically arrives!
Relax, be at peace and enjoy all that God has so richly provided you in Christ.

It simply an awesome day. Enjoy it!

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