Thought is the Birthplace of Matter

God's Thought expressed as light
God Spoke His Thoughts and Creation Was.
When God spoke what he was thinking, he spoke into the Spirit where what he said was then manifested in time and space. We are like God, co-creators with him. He made us his partners in creation. Thus, our thoughts, when projected into the Spirit realm by our words produce matter (substance).

Our thoughts and words matter…literally! We can either create a meaningful life out of definite, clear intention or create a senseless life out of careless thinking and destructive words. It’s our choice.

God has bestowed upon us a kingdom and he gave mankind the authority to rule and reign on earth. We can use our God-given power to create what is awesome and expresses our Father with honor or we can use our power to steal, kill and destroy. Again, it our choice.

You and I are more powerful than we know. Let’s seek understanding from our Father regarding what he has given us in Christ and create the life of our dreams as well as produce environments that bless others.

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