A Life-Changing Encounter

DeadBeat Bob

I recently ran into a gentleman named Bob.  He is an interesting character.  Bob refers to himself as a recovering deadbeat Christian.  He explained to me that a deadbeat is anyone who shirks from their responsibility.  Bob defines a deadbeat Christian as one who claims to be a Christian, but does not live up to that name.  Bob says that most Christians do not know that they are a deadbeat.  Bob is on a mission to change that.  Good luck Bob!

Bob said that religion is the vehicle that produces deadbeats.  Religion gives people an acceptable appearance, but robs the believer of the power of God.  Ole DeadBeat Bob hates religion and what it had done to him and others he loves.

In reaction to his revelation of deadbeatitis (a disease that produces deadbeats) Bob has started a new YouTube channel at DeadBeatChristian.com.  Bob considers his channel “humor with a sword.”  He is a funny fella, but has a way to drive the “point” home (if you know what I mean).

Deadbeatitis, says Bob, is like maple syrup on pancakes.  Once it gets on you, it’s hard to get off.  Bob says that Deadbeatitis is highly contagious and if not caught in time can be incurable.  He has come up with some tee-shirts that say:  Don’t be a DBC (DeadBeat Christian).  He’s hoping that “Don’t be a DBC” will not just be a slogan, but a movement!  From what I can see, it’s highly possible!

Bob told me, “There needs to be a movement.   We can’t keep confessing Jesus and living as though we are without Him.  I have done this for years and it saddens me that others are living this way too.”  Bob also said that he had sacrificed and lot for the Lord, but missed the Lord Himself.  How true Matthew 7:21-25 is.  It tells of those who do things in the Lord’s name apart from Him will suffer a terrible fate.  Bob went on to say, “We can’t let blindness and ignorance of deadbeatitis continue to grip the Christian community.  The only way to make people aware of it is through strong doses of the truth contained in God’s Word.”

So, if are open to new ideas shared in an unorthodox way, I would recommend tuning into DeadBeatChristian.com then share it with others…if you dare.

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