Built to Last

Build on a Solid Foundation

As believers, we are all building our lives on something.  According to Matthew 7, we are building on either rock or sand.  The true stability of our foundation is manifest when the storms of life come.

Where do the storms come from?  They are not from God.  Storms, floods, and pounding rains all come from God’s enemy.  Satan is the one who sends the difficult situations that test the foundation that we are building on.  He loves to witness our foundation buckle and our life fall apart.  But this happens only if we are building a life based on our “shifting” senses (mainly our sight, feelings, and hearing).

So, what do we build our lives on to ensure that we are not moved when challenges come? The most solid foundation is the one built on the revelation knowledge of God’s Word.  When we build our lives on the revelation from God’s Word we will not and cannot be moved!

Many people have read the Bible and can even quote verses, but that alone will not guarantee you will be able stand the trials Satan sends your way.  It’s the revelation knowledge that you receive, the unveiling of God’s Word, that will give you victory.

You know you have revelation when the Word of God is unveiled to you in such a way that your life instantly changes.  For example, when Saul was on the road to Damascus and encountered Jesus Christ and his life was changed instantly and permanently (Acts 9).  It was an “uh-ha” moment for him and will be for you as well. Your life will change in such a way that will cause others to take notice.

Revelation comes when the Word of God is energized by the Spirit of God, causing light to shine; a supernatural light that illuminates your being with what is written or said in God’s Word.  Revelation takes you from the natural to the supernatural.  Revelation causes you to live like heaven on earth today rather living on earth waiting to get to heaven someday.

I used to be a typical Christian.  I read the Word, went to church and served my heart out, yet lived a natural existence.  My life did not match what the Bible said.  When I got sick, I went to a doctor.  When I was broke, I borrowed money.  When I was depressed I went shopping or watched TV to zone out.  These are things all unbelievers do to cope with life and sadly most Christians do the same.

One day I decided that enough is enough.  I hated living a life contrary to God’s Word.  The search was on for reality.  In this seeking mode God began to reveal to me His promises and what He had prepared for me today.  I didn’t have to wait to go to heaven to realize God’s amazing promises.  I could have what God said NOW.  I became what I call a “Word-man.”  I began to meditate on God’s Word and subjected myself to ministries that showed evidence of God’s Word operating in their lives.  As I did, I began to receive revelation knowledge.  Then I experienced healings and financial breakthroughs.  I was able to have things I thought I would never have.  Why?  Because God’s Word was revealed to me in such a way that my faith was energized to pull what was on the pages of Bible into the days of my life.

Today, you could not convince me in a million years that all God’s promises can’t be realized on earth in the here and now.  I am on a mission to SEE more, DO more, and HAVE more!   I am on a mission to see the supernatural operate more and more in my life.  I am on a mission to help others enter into what I have been experiencing.  I am building my foundation upon a rock and that rock is the revelation knowledge of God’s Word.

Now I pray, “That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.  I pray that the eyes of your heart would enlightened to know what is the hope of your calling and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward you who believe.  Amen and Amen!” (Ref. Ephesians 1:17-19)


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