Hidden For You, Not Hidden From You

Hidden in Plain Sight

God has a plan for all of us.  God has a plan for you.  This plan will be hidden and kept secret until you are ready to discover it.  Sadly, most will never be ready.  Most people will go to their graves never knowing what God prepared for them on this side of eternity.

I was born-again in a dramatic way.  However, after a short time I got caught up in the religious system.  Religion has power; power is to get you to conform and be like everyone else in the group.  In religion, you are conditioned to believe certain doctrines.  Many times, you may not know why you believe them.  Eventually the religious life leads to a predictable pattern of the mundane.  Repetitious works keep you going until you burn out and slowly drift into a state of complacency.

I was born-again in 1973 and it wasn’t until around 2009 that I began to take a hard look at my life and the results I was experiencing.  I began seeking, truly seeking, with all my heart.  I searched for answers in books and through other ministries. I delved into God’s Word and began to question why my life was so different from what the Bible said it could be.  When I realized where I was compared what God promised in His Word, I GOT MAD!  I spent 36 years of my life missing out on what God predestined for me!  You see, God kept His hidden plan for me secret until I was ready to take the necessary steps to discover it.  The Holy Spirit began to lead me down a path that would be revealed to me step by step.

God will not reveal His total plan for your life all at once.  As you take a step, He will reveal the next one.  Why?  Because, He wants to keep your destiny hidden from Satan.  If Satan knew where God was taking you, he would try to thwart that plan.  God is pretty creative in hiding things!  Look what God did to the devil regarding Jesus.  He got Satan to believe that if Jesus was crucified, God’s plan to rescue mankind from the curse would be over.  God pulled a fast one on Satan.  Because Jesus was a perfect man and also God, He was qualified to be an eternal sacrifice for all mankind.  When Christ was crucified, so was sin and every other negative thing.  Everything that Satan did was undone by the crucifixion of Jesus.  Satan didn’t have a clue!  The “foolishness” of the cross became Satan’s undoing!

In like manner, God has hidden what He is doing with you from the enemy.  Satan tries to defeat you every single day and thinks he’s getting the best of you…but God has a plan.  IF you will truly seek God with all your heart, the Spirit will begin to lead you step by step down the path God has for you. You will not see the end, but you will see the next step.  When you do, take that step by faith.

Let me give you an example.  God, since 2009, has been leading me in a new direction. God instructed and I followed.  I had been serving the Lord in the capacity of a pastor for years.  I thought it was my calling.  However, God led me to give up pastoring and brought my wife and I to Faith Life Church in New Albany, Ohio.  I was drawn to the teaching of the Pastor, Gary Keesee.  His teaching resonated with me.  He was presenting clear biblical solutions to the problems I had been having.  My wife and I attended the services for a couple of years.  I also got involved with a small group of kingdom-minded business people and was eventually encouraged to conduct a small group of my own.

When we said yes to lead the small group, God gave me an outline on what to cover.  I called the group, SUCCESS—IT’S YOUR CHOICE.  Our first session was more than amazing.  The group loved what I was teaching.  When it came time to do another session, we did it again and many of the same people returned.  By the third round, we had to limit the size of the group because the group was getting too large.  I was so encouraged!  People were engaged and excited about success and God’s plan for them.  My goal was to present practical steps that lead to success based on proven strategies I have used over the years.

Then I was encouraged by a few to write a book that contained the lessons I had prepared.  I wanted to write a book for years, but had no idea how to go about it.  I had the content, but now what?

God arranged to put a brother in my group who already learned how to get a book published on Amazon.  (There is an entire story behind this, but that’s for another time.).  As of this writing we are doing the final edits. Within a couple of weeks, SUCCESS—IT’S YOUR CHOICE, 10 PROVEN BIBLICAL STRATEGIES FOR LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, will be introduced to the world.  Also, as a result of that small group, my blog, SendOutYourRoots.com was born.  So far, I have written nearly 50 articles which are touching lives all over the world!

Do you see the pattern here?  Step by step the Lord has been leading me to write!  I am a salesman with a high school education for crying out loud!  I never imagined that I would have a Blog and be writing a book.  Now I have plans to write even more books!

God wanted what He has taught me to get out to others.  One of His strategies was to make me a writer.  I didn’t know this from the beginning.  It was revealed to me step by step. I am learning and developing my writing skills and God has given me an excellent partner, my wife Sandy, to help me fulfill this calling.  One of her majors was English!  Part of God’s plan?  She is my help-mate in every way and I couldn’t do this without her.

What’s the next step for me?  I do not know!  That’s the exciting part!  One thing I do know is that God will reveal the next step while hiding His entire plan for me from the enemy.

What is God showing you?  What is that next step you should take?  If you don’t take the first step the next step won’t be revealed to you.  You’ll never know the deep and hidden things God has planned for you.  Please don’t let that happen!  Take time to meditate on this portion of His Word:

What eye did not see and ear
did not hear,
and what never entered the human mind—
God has prepared this for those
who love Him.
Now God has revealed these things to us
by the Spirit, for the Spirit searches
everything, even the depths of God.

  ~1 Corinthians 2:9-10 (HCSB)

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