The Clash of Kingdoms

Science, philosophy, the new age movement, etc. have spent lifetimes to prove God does not exist. Governments have done their best to remove God from their societies. Human government is in competition with God! Because of this lawlessness and mob-rule abound.

The focus of our political system today is to wipe God out of everything along with His people. This is the battle…the real battle. WE ARE IN THEIR WAY! Light verses darkness, righteousness verses lawlessness, good verses evil. Even religion in on the bandwagon by dismantling certain truths in God’s Word.

Our warfare is not against flesh and blood. Faith-filled believers are the only ones that can stop this chaos from consuming our society and the earth. We do this through prayer and preaching the gospel of the kingdom. It is the kingdom of God that will bring order out of this chaos. That will bring light to this darkness, and righteousness to judge this lawlessness.

Who do the dark forces really fear? US! They fear faith-filled, born-again believers praying in the spirit and preaching the good news of the kingdom.

This is why the gospel of the KINGDOM must be preached before the Lord returns. The fact is we hear very little about the kingdom of God today. Most of our churches are preaching feel-good messages and not the truth about God‘s kingdom and HIS righteousness.

It’s God‘s kingdom coming into the earth realm that will bring justice and order out of this chaos and peace along with it. The more the church knows about the kingdom of God, it’s laws, and how it operates the better off we will ALL be. People will see signs and wonders, healings and miracles, because this is what the kingdom of God brings. God will bring love to a love-less world through his kingdom! This is something human government cannot do, and never will. This is why God’s kingdom is such a threat to the world governments.

People, seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and you will be pleasantly surprised what He will add to you life!

The battle is on! Join the fight! We are destined to win!

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