The Truth About Aging

All my life I was taught that that a birthday was a sign that one was “getting older.”  Getting older eventually meant more aches and pains.  Getting older meant hip and knee replacements.  Getting older meant retirement.  Getting older meant “falling apart” and eventually death.  This type of thinking has been drilled into the human race with one purpose:  To convince you it’s too late and get you to miss out on your finest hour.

Why is it that when wine gets older, it’s considered better and as a result is more expensive?  The same is true with cheese, steak, beer, and cigars.  Why is it that coins, certain cars, and furniture become more valuable with age?  Yet, we humans consider ourselves less valuable as we age.  The aged lament, “If only I were younger.”  Let me tell you the truth, WE’VE BEEN BRAINWASHED! 

I do not consider I am getting older.  I am getting more valuable!  I have years of life lessons, knowledge, wisdom, and experience that money cannot buy—and is unique to me.  Speaking of unique, you and I are one of a kind.  In the world, one of a kind items are priceless!  Therefore, as your age advances and because you are unique, you too are priceless.  There is no one like you and what you possess is extremely valuable!

Did you know that in the Hebrew language there is no word for retirement?  In the Bible no one retired!  They lived a full life and died.  Moses didn’t really get started until he was 80!  He lived to be 120 and was full of strength and his eyesight did not dim.  The modern concept of age is false and of the devil would like to deceive you into taking the most valuable time in your life and flush it down the toilet! 

I am currently 63 years of age and I am just getting started.  Retirement?  Forget it!  I am not slowing down, I am getting fired-up!  I have a lot to give and do and I plan to do just that.  I like the saying, “I’m not retiring, I’m refiring.” 

Don’t be cheated out of the best days of your life by taking it easy.  That is a sure-fire way to end up in an early grave.  You have a reason to live long and prosper.  Discover that reason and get busy to make your advancement in age the best time of your life.  Don’t waste all that wisdom and experience you have.  The younger generation needs us now more than ever.  They need our wisdom, our understanding, our voice.

To be our best as we age to perfection we need to take care of our bodies.  The modern way of eating is taking its toll on our bodies.  We are too quick to go to doctors and get medication that only makes us worse in the long run.  If we are going to live long and prosper, we need to take care of our bodies by eating well and exercising.  I personally have been overweight for years and did not eat well.  I decided I must change, not only for my sake, but the sake of the others I am assigned to help on their life journey.  Recently I lost 40 pounds (8 inches) and started an exercise regime.  Why?  Because I want my long life to be a healthy one.  I don’t want to be filled with medication that offers an existence, but not a productive life.  I am on track to lose 60 more pounds (or 8 more inches) and am feeling great.  I would challenge you that if you are overweight and not eating well, take some time to study nutrition and its power to heal.  I tell people that we are a sack of dirt made up of minerals.  I believe that most ailments can be cured with proper nutrition…not drugs.  Most diseases are imbalances in minerals.  Drugs mask symptoms and do not offer a true cure…nutrition does.  Let food be your medicine.  There is no excuse because the internet is loaded with great information regarding certain sicknesses and diseases and how to cure them naturally.   The most important thing you can do to get into shape is to abandon sugar and carbohydrates as much as possible.  All the carbs you need can be received from vegetables.  Good fat and protein and essential to a healthy body, not carbs. The problem in the American diet is not fat as much as it is sugar, carbs, and process foods.

You are unique, and your age is a virtue, not a curse.  Your value increases with age.  Take care of yourself.  Invest in yourself by ever-learning.  Learning new things to enrich your spirit and soul.  Take care of your body for it is designed to serve you well and for a long time, if properly nurtured.  Above all, serve others with the valuable wisdom and knowledge you possess.  This is how you will produce a legacy that will benefit future generations.  You are not getting older, you are getting better!  You are priceless!

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