Unanswered Prayer – Discovering the Real Reason

Tune into God’s Frequency

Why is it that God responds to some people’s prayers and others seem to go unanswered?  This is an age-old question for which I have never heard a good answer until the Lord revealed it to me. 

I have heard people explain unanswered prayer in at least two ways (I call them excuses):

  1. It must not be God’s will.
  2. God is in control

First, let’s discuss God’s will.  Let’s say Uncle Joe has cancer.  You pray for him to be healed, but he dies anyway.  Was it God’s will for Uncle Joe to die at the early age of 52?  What does the Bible say about this?

“Yet He Himself bore our sickness, and He carried our pains…punishment for our peace was on Him, and we are healed by His wounds.”  (Isaiah 53:4, 5b)

“When evening came, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed.  He drove out the spirits with a word and healed ALL who were sick, so that what was spoken through prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled:  He Himself took our weaknesses and carried our diseases.”  (Matthew 8:16-17)

These two passages from the Scripture prove God’s will.  And these are only two of dozens of such Scripture that prove God’s will is to heal! 

Did God change His mind?  Is He unrighteous?  Did Jesus bear His stripes in vain?  Based on HIS OWN WORD it is always God’s will to heal.  We must stop making excuses and blaming God for the real problem (keep reading).

How about the second excuse: “God is in control.”  Is he really?  Is God in control of the murderer, the rapist, the terrorist?  If you call that control, then God is a loser in that category!  If God where in total control we would have Heaven on Earth right now.  Adam never would have eaten the forbidden fruit, thus disobeying God.  Therefore, I conclude that God is NOT in control (of everything).  He is in charge, but not control.  He gave man something that puts him in control.  That something is a will—the power to choose.

So, what is the real problem with prayer not being answered.  I can sum it up with one word:  FAITH (or lack thereof).  Faith is God’s frequency.  God can only communicate on the frequency of faith.  Just like a radio tunes into a specific frequency to pick up a desired station, we must tune into God’s “faith frequency” to get prayer to Him and pick up the desired response from Him.  The real reason for unanswered prayer is that we are not tuned in by faith.

“Now without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must BELIEVE that He exists and rewards those who seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6) By the way, Hebrews 11 is a chapter on FAITH.

Faith is a fully persuaded heart.  Faith is all the evidence one needs to obtain any promise of God.  We should stop blaming God for unanswered prayer, confess our unbelief, and do what is necessary to obtain faith. 

Faith comes by hearing God’s Word (Romans 1:17) and we build ourselves up in our most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit or our prayer language (Jude 20).  There just isn’t another way.

I am not talking about “head faith,” a mental belief.  Many say they believe, but the outcome they experience demonstrates the opposite.  Mental belief is way to superficial and totally ineffective when it comes to communicating with God.  God communicates through the Holy Spirit to our spirit then to the HEART.  It’s the heart that needs full persuasion when it comes to trusting God and His Word.  The fact is that most of the time our MIND gets in the way.  God does not operate according to human logic.  He operates in the supernatural realm of the impossible…impossible according to human reason.  We must STOP trying to make sense of God’s Word and just BELIEVE IT! 

Please visit my You Tube Channel and watch my video demonstration on HOW FAITH WORKS.  Click HERE for the link.  Also, OPT-IN to my blog and you will receive by eBook, “Making God’s Promises Your Reality.”  In this eBook, I have harvested awesome verses regarding healing and provision.  All of this will help you build up your most holy faith. 

Folks, I am on a mission.  I want to see Heaven INVADE Earth and God’s will done right here and right now.  I long to see healing break out all over the land and provision coming forth as never before.  Only then will this madness we see in the news everyday diminish.  Please join me and spread this word to others.  God bless you all, in Jesus name!





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