Writing Prompts the Birth of Millionaires!

Writing Solidifies Thoughts

Do you have a book?  “Of course I have a book” you may answer.  You may have several lying around your home, but I am not talking about that kind of book.  I am referring to a book of ideas or thoughts that flash into your mind every day.  I am talking about a journal.

Years ago, I picked up the habit of writing things down.  I carry a “book” in my car, have one by my bed, and most importantly by “the chair” I sit in every morning as I pray, read, and think.  That book is the richest in content. 

Many people are stuck.  They are stuck in jobs they hate and living lives that are not fulfilling.  They would like to change things, but are not sure where to begin.  I think the beginning of everything is seeking.  When we seek for answers they eventually come, but they are seldom obvious.  Many times, answers come in a flash, in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, and they leave our thoughts as fast as they arrived.  I find that writing down those thoughts, ideas, or little nudges documents them for further pondering.  Writing things down is the first stage of making an invisible idea tangible.  From writing an idea down we can move on to research and that can lead to the answer that you are seeking.  Many millionaires were created by this simple success strategy of “writing it down.”  Maybe you will be next.

I would suggest purchasing a nicely bound journal and pen.  Maybe get two or three of them so you will have one handy when a thought or idea strikes like lightening out of nowhere. Review your journal regularly and when something jumps out do some research.  Think about that idea and don’t be too quick to discard it.  You never know what you might discover and where your research will lead you.

You were born to be happy, healthy, and prosperous.  Don’t miss opportunities like 98% of the population does.  Be in the 2% and start writing things down.  You never know what thought might transform into the next multimillion-dollar idea! 



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