Supernatural Gathering

Your purpose will find you when you are magnetized.

For over 400 years the children of Israel suffered in Egypt where they lived under the rule and authority of that kingdom.  In that kingdom, they had only one way to survive—through painful toil and hard labor.  They understood that they were slaves who HAD to get up each day and serve Pharaoh to obtain provision (Exodus 1:8-14).

Through Moses, God intervened and delivered Israel from the bondage of that kingdom.  Now God had to train them to think differently.   When Israel was pinned in at the Red sea, God was training them that He would provide a way of escape in every situation.  He showed them a supernatural path to safety and security (Exodus 14:15-22, 29-31).  Then in the wilderness God showed them that they didn’t have to sweat for provision.  When there was nothing to eat, God supernaturally sent bread from Heaven to feed them.  All they had to do was to go out and gather it:

Then the Lord said to Moses, “I am going to rain bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. This way I will test them to see whether or not they will follow My instructions.”  (Exodus 16:4)

When they were thirsty with no water source in sight, God provided fresh water, supernaturally, out of a rock (Exodus 17:5-6).  Again, God was training them to gather supernaturally.  The way God supplies provision is through His Word.  In this case God sent His Word through Moses.  The children of Israel did not have to do anything but trust God’s Word and simply do what He said.

Finally, the children of Israel entered the Good Land that He promised them. There they found that the crops were already sown and the houses had been built and filled with good things (Deuteronomy 6:10-11; Joshua 24:13).

 “When the Lord your God brings you into the land He swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that He would give you—a land with large and beautiful cities that you did not build, houses full of every good thing that you did not fill them with, wells dug that you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant—and when you eat and are satisfied,” (Deuteronomy 6:10-11)

“I gave you a land you did not labor for, and cities you did not build, though you live in them; you are eating from vineyards and olive groves you did not plant.”  (Joshua 24:13)

God had gone ahead and fought for them.  All they had to do was to take (reap, harvest, gather) the land and all that was in it.  They were learning the law of supernatural gathering.  Once they let the Word do the work and got aligned with it, provision was supernaturally supplied.

The lessons God taught Israel, Jesus had to teach His disciples.  It’s in the natural DNA of every person to use their own effort to get the things they want. In Luke chapter 5 we see that Peter and his partners were businessmen who spent their lives trying to make a living.  They had fished all night and caught nothing.  In the morning Jesus came along and asked to use their boat to minister to the people from.  Afterward, Jesus instructed Peter to go out to the deep water and let down the nets.  Peter obeyed and caught so many fish that he had to call his partner to come and fill his boat as well (Luke 5:1-11)!  When Peter let the Word do the work he experienced supernatural success!  God was changing Peter’s carnal mind-set of toiling his way to a mindset of supernatural gathering.

Then in John 4:34-38, Jesus taught the disciples another very important lesson regarding the supernatural.  It was planting time in the land and Jesus took the opportunity to reveal the supernatural mindset of a gatherer.  Jesus said, “YOU SAY that there are 4 months and then the harvest will come, but I SAY now is the time of harvest (paraphrased)!  The disciples saw only the natural law of sowing and reaping, but Jesus’ view superseded that natural law.  He saw the harvesters gathering their harvests NOW!  Jesus was teaching them to think supernaturally regarding gathering.  Even more amazing Jesus told them that He sent them to reap what they didn’t labor for!

“Don’t you say, ‘There are still four more months, then comes the harvest’? Listen to what I’m telling you: Open your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ready for harvest.  The reaper is already receiving pay and gathering fruit for eternal life, so the sower and reaper can rejoice together. For in this case the saying is true: ‘One sows and another reaps.’  I sent you to reap what you didn’t labor for; others have labored, and you have benefited from their labor.”  (John 4:34-38)

To further illustrate let’s look at the 5,000-people fed from very little (Matthew 14:13-21)!  The disciples gave 5 loaves and two fish to Jesus who blessed them and gave what He blessed back to the disciples to feed the crowds.   All those men plus woman and children were fed and satisfied.  Even the leftovers were far more than what was sown!  Here’s the clincher:  It wasn’t even the disciples seed!  Someone outside of the 12 sowed the seed!  Then the disciples ended up gathering much more than the seed they had not sown!  By obeying the Lord, Jesus provided such a supernatural feast!

Our harvest will never come supernaturally when we do it our way.  Supernatural harvest comes when we TRUST GOD and do things His way. God’s way is letting the Word do all the heavy lifting.  We have to learn to let the Word do the work!  All the examples mentioned above were the result of God supernaturally providing through obedience to His Word.  We need to sow the Word into our hearts and into the airwaves and let that Word PRODUCE.  Once the Word produces the harvest, we just need to gather it!

I personally have learned that when I operate under the mindset that my work produces what I need, I fail.  However, when I put God’s Word to work by meditation and declaration something supernatural happens:  harvests just show up!  Referrals come to me and customers call to do more business with me seemingly out of nowhere!  Jobs close in my favor that I never expect!  Proposals long forgotten about come back to life!  In all these supernatural happenings commissions eventually flow to me!  God’s Word did the work and I just gathered.

So, how does the Word do the work and draw harvests to us?  To draw the supernatural harvest to us we must be “magnetized.”  It was discovered that all metal has “domains” within it.  When the domains are in alignment, going in the same direction, the metal becomes magnetized.  When the domains are going in different directions the metal has no magnetic power.  For the Word to do its work, our thoughts, words, and actions must be going in the same direction.  Where there is this alignment in one direction, there is magnetism to draw what God’s Word says into our lives.  In other words, when we are in agreement with God’s Word, the harvest is pulled to us supernaturally.  All we have to do is gather it.

God, in His relationship with Israel sent prophets in an attempt to align His people with His Word (magnetize them).  When they obeyed, blessings came.  When they did not, chaos was their reality.  The same is true in the New Testament.  Jesus chose 12 disciples and spent 3 ½ years to align them with God’s Word.  After His death and resurrection, the promised Holy Spirit came to continue the work of magnetizing Jesus’ believers with the Word of God.

When we become magnetized-Word-filled believers, the law of supernatural gathering is set in motion.  Harvest after harvest shows up in the form of whatever we need whether provision, healing, peace, joy, wisdom, knowledge, authority over the demonic, etc.  This happens because we are in total agreement with what God has promised and do what He says.

If we seek God intimately, putting Him first, abide by the laws of faith, decreeing and declaring, confessing, sowing and reaping, supernatural gathering and have a proper attitude toward money, whatever we need God will supernaturally supply.  Praise the Lord!  Amen!





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