The Mystery of Faith

Faith is agreement with what God says

Faith is mysterious to many.  Faith is not tangible as we would consider something tangible.  Faith itself is an invisible force that can only be sensed in the human heart.  Faith is like a “sixth sense.”  Faith pays no attention to current symptoms or circumstances; it only pays attention to what God’s Word says.

You currently may be sick or suffering from a disease.  The doctors have no answers nor can they figure out a cure.  Faith would ask, “What does God have to say about this?”  As we delve into the Word of God we find out that God heals.  God’s will is for your wellness and He has made provision for your total healing through the stripes of Jesus.  The very stripes and wounds that Jesus suffered was full-payment for your healing.

Isaiah 53:4-5 says, “Yet He Himself bore our sicknesses, and He carried our pains; but we in turn regarded Him stricken, struck down by God, and afflicted.  But He was pierced because of our transgressions, crushed because of our iniquities; punishment for our peace was on Him, and we are healed by His wounds.”

The Bible is filled with verses about healing and examples of healing.  Jesus NEVER refused anyone who asked for healing.  The Bible clearly says that He healed them ALL (Matthew 8:14-17).  God MUST heal based upon Jesus’ payment for healing.  But like any other gift, it must be received.  The only way to received what God HAS provided is by faith.

So, why aren’t more people healed?  One answer may be their lack of true faith.  Faith becomes the only evidence that anyone needs to prove their healing.  Faith becomes their conviction that they HAVE BEEN healed.  They know that time doesn’t matter because faith is not bound by time or space.  Faith is bound only by what God’s Word says. The answer to ALL your problems is FAITH!

Faith is a heart matter.  It resides in the heart of the believer.  How does one get faith into their heart?  Faith comes by hearing God’s Word over and over and over.  Faith comes by hearing the testimonies of others who have believed God’s Word and overcome their adversity by it.

As our heart meditates on what God says, faith wells up.  Faith becomes the conviction that “I will have what God says.”  Faith eradicates doubt and produces confidence in God’s Word.  The Bible calls is confidence in God’s Word: Trust.  When faith is present NO ONE or NOTHING can convince you that you are sick and broke.  Faith speaks exactly what God’s Word says in spite of the circumstances or evidences present in the natural realm.  Faith reaches into the eternal and pulls what is not visible into the visible and tangible realm.

Since time is not a factor with faith, time means nothing to the believer nor is the believer dissuaded by the passing of time.  They are too busy declaring what God has said.  They are too busy feeding their imagination with pictures of God’s promises.  They are actively pursuing what the Bible PROMISES and know that they have it already.  Stubborn time just has to release it (time doesn’t give up easily, but will always bow to God’s Word).

Faith is not hard to get, but there are challenges.  What are these challenges:

Current symptoms or evidence that contradicts God’s promises.  You may be sick and the doctor might have decreed a death sentence over you.  Now you have both the symptoms and the diagnosis of a medical professional working against you.  This stuff is REAL, no doubt about it, but according to God’s Word these things should not be the final say!  After all, who or what are you going to give your allegiance to?  Symptoms and a doctor’s diagnosis or God’s Word.  This is YOUR choice!

Your bank statement says your broke and you can’t afford what you desire.  You have a choice:  Go out a get 2 or 3 jobs and try harder to be successful or go to God’s Word and feed on His promises of prosperity and success.  Decree what God says about your finances!  You can do it your way or God’s way.  Your way has failed you over and over.  Why keep doing what has proven not to work.  What you need to do is baptize yourself in God’s Word which contains His promises and let that Word produce faith in your heart.  Once you are in faith God can instruct you on what to do.  His instruction will be nothing short of miraculous!  I am not saying not to work.  I am saying let God’s Word do the hard work and you just follow His instructions.  His instructions WILL lead you to the wealth you seek without the painful toil and sweat that failed you in the past.

Yes, faith can be mysterious, but the mystery can be solved when you simply pick up God’s Word and allow it to occupy your mind and heart.  When you do all the things contained in THE BOOK will become your reality.  I know, for this has been my experience!  Glory be to God!

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