Priming the Pump

Hear, Speak and Repeat

How can we change our beliefs, so they align with God’s Word?  Did you know that the reason that you are not experiencing the blessings of God is because of what you believe?

How are beliefs formed?  They are formed by repetition.  When we hear something over and over, true or false, we eventually believe it.  This is why what we hear is vital to what we experience in our life.

We are a product of what we have repeatedly heard, and if our lives don’t align with God’s Word, we have a belief problem.  If we are not living in good health and prosperous, we are believing a lie.  Our lives are not in agreement with what God says.  The good news is, our beliefs can be changed.  Here is how:

Get your Bible out and find some promises that you want to experience.  Repeat those promises out loud.  As you say what God says that word will move down into your heart.  Then, it will come out of your heart back into your mouth and then say it out loud again.  Repeat this process until the promises manifests.

The Bible calls this meditation.  It’s like priming a pump.  Reciting God’s word, letting it sink into your heart and repeating it again and again until the blessings flow.  It’s like a cow eating grass.  They chew and chew the grass, swallow what they chewed and then regurgitate it.  They continue this process until what they are chewing is gone.  We can do the same things with God’s Word.  We chew and regurgitate God’s Word (promises) until it becomes in our experience!

We do not have to live in sickness, despair, or lack of any kind.  We can change what we experience by what we repeatedly hear and say in agreement with God’s Word.

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