It’s Not Impossible! Nothing is Impossible!

Heaven on Earth
Jesus defied physical law when he fed the 5,000 and 4,000 men PLUS woman and children with only a few loaves of bread and fish. What he did was IMPOSSIBLE in the flesh realm. He did the same thing when he walked on water in a storm!

Jesus demonstrated what a MAN could do by the Spirit. In the realm of the Spirit natural law has to bow to the higher law of Spirit. Jesus saw beyond his flesh (5 senses) and exercised his faith to do what was impossible to man, but totally possible WITH God
In Acts we saw the lovers of Jesus do similar things and the good news is, so can we. We by the Spirit by faith can exercise in such a way that we can defy time, space and matter. We don’t because we are still highly controlled by the dictates of our flesh and what we reason is possible. We have not trained our thoughts and feelings to bow to our spirit where Spirit dwells. However, as we do, many “impossible” things will begin to happen.

Understanding is important to operate in the miraculous. We have to understand who God really is and who we really are in relation to him. We have to understand the accomplishments of Christ and how they affect us and our ability to be as he is. We have to open our minds and hearts in deeper ways to touch dimensions beyond the physical. We have to realize that we live, move and have our being in the living Christ who fills all things with his very essence.

Take some time. Stop all the static in your life. Tune in to the Spirit in your spirit and let the mind of Messiah become your mind. The dam of human understanding will break and allow the river of water of life to flood your life with love, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The impossible will show up and glory will flood your soul.

Typical prayer is a person praying from a position of want. In others words, we pray from the past experience of lacking what we want. The person who prays from the future perspective (as already having it) will experience it NOW, in their thought or imagination AHEAD of time. Faith does not operate from a place of want or need. Faith lays claim to already having it NOW. Time and space have no power over faith. Faith conquers all limitations and grabs what we desire and brings it to us NOW. We must first experience its reality NOW, in our thoughts or imagination, before it shows up in physical reality.

This is deep thought and some will think this is crazy talk and not even try to understand what I am trying to say. However, if you apply your heart to understand nothing will be impossible to you and your heart will leap for joy! Click HERE is a video that further explains what I am

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