Stand Up and Fight!

How do you see yourself?
I have never seen a time in my life where the faith of so many is being tested. I have seen some so strong and determined, believing in God’s deliverance of our nation (or whatever nation you are in) and then watch them tuck their tail and cower in the face of adversity. Like Israel’s armies did when Goliath threatened them, many have given up hope.

However, a David arose. One who spent time with Jehovah in the fields tending sheep. He learned from his care for the flock who Jehovah was and his knowledge of God emboldened him. When David saw the armies of God cower in fear and looked at the defiant giant he got mad! Who is this man who dares defy the armies of the living God!

What made David different? He spent time with Jehovah and knew the heart of God. He knew that Israel was the apple of God’s eye and this giant was but a grasshopper to be crushed! My friends, human beings are the apple of God’s eye. The United States is his and he will not let the destructive forces of the deep state defy the armies of the living God!

Will you join me and others who are standing as David did? Will you arise and believe that the God of the impossible is about to do the greatest work we have ever witnessed on earth. Will you stand as God exposes the hidden things done in darkness and watch the enemies of freedom fall?
Do not listen to Goliath’s (all forms of media) taunts and give up! Stand strong and behold the salvation of the living God!

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