Establishing Trust – Send Out Your Roots

Trust is an amazing thing.  Trust brings joy and confidence.  Trust enables and provides for many possibilities.  Trust is something far more precious than gold or silver.  Trust can never be bought, but only earned.

Trust is very important to God.  He loves when we trust Him, for when we do, nothing is impossible.  When we do not trust Him, we are living a life by our own power and strength; living only by possibilities and never knowing the impossible manifesting in our lives.

A man or woman who trusts in the Lord is blessed.  They are like trees planted by water who send out their roots deep into the earth of God’s Word.  They never worry or fear.  Their life is always green and fruitful.  Whatever they do is blessed.  Wherever they go, they are blessed.  They seem solid and confident.  Though the winds of life my cause them to sway, they can never be uprooted.  They draw their strength from the very Word they are planted in.  As they age, their roots go deeper and deeper and though everything around they may dry up, they remain green and flourish.

This is what a man or woman who trust in the Lord looks like.  Isn’t that what we all want?  I know I do.  However, this kind of life is not cheap or easy.  Everything in the natural is contrary to your becoming such a person.  The winds of worry, doubt, and fear are relentless to a believer who endeavors to trust in the Lord.  Nothing is more detrimental to satanic forces than a person who trusts God!

A person who trusts and relies on the Lord is like a beacon shining on a dark night.  He or she leads people to the safe harbor of God’s Word…the place of salvation.  They are like salt that adds flavor to others and at the same time kills sickness and disease lurking in the shadows.  The person who trusts in the Lord gives hope to the hopeless and shows them that what seems impossible is possible.  The person who trusts in the Lord is fierce as a lion and he or she’s roar commands respect and keeps the enemy at a distance.

How does one become such a person?  Day by day this person digs deep into God’s Word.  They send out their roots until they find riches to sustain their life and at the same time they give life to others.  There isn’t another way to build trust, but to take up God’s Word, obey His instruction, and abide in His presence.  Remain, stay, and make your home with Him.  As you send out your roots toward His Word He will provide you will all that you will EVER need, want, or desire.  He will go beyond what you need to get just to get by.  He will provide and abundance…more than enough.  An abundance so strong and powerful that “leaves” will come out of you to provide shelter for others and “fruit” will come forth from you to provide others nourishment and rich supply.

Are you sold?  Are you convinced that a trusting life is better than living a life of worry, doubt, and fear?  These three things cause Christians to shrivel up and die spiritually.  They can never care for nothing but their own survival.  They live unimpressive, mediocre lives that fade away at physical death and are hardly remembered anymore.   They leave nothing behind that is eternal.  They leave no legacy.  How sad is that!

Right now, you can change the entire course of your life.  You can DECIDE to be a man or woman who trusts the Lord.  Jeremiah 17.7-8 (HCSB) says:

The man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is in the Lord is blessed.

He is like a tree planted by the water:

It sends it roots out toward a stream,

It doesn’t fear when heat comes,
And its foliage remains green.
It will not worry in the year of drought
Or cease producing fruit.

Decide to leave a mark on this world.  Decide to make a difference.  Decide to get yourself in God’s Word.  Decide to let His Word manifest in and through you.  This isn’t easy.  It takes discipline to rise early every day and be with the Lord.  It takes effort to meditate on the Word throughout the day.  It takes effort to let His Word abide in you so He can take possession or your thoughts and lead you to live the blessed life.  That is all He wants to do.  God wants to bless you, but you must trust him all the way.  Never let your confidence in the Lord be broken.  Stay strong and true and you will never be disappointed.



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