False Accusations by the Religious

The Final Sacrifice for Sin
Jesus was an innocent man, not guilty of any of the things that he was accused of. The religious leaders made up things against him, things not even the politicians of that day would buy. Yet, due to unrelenting pressure he was sentenced to death.

Jesus exposed the religious leaders hypocrisy and self-service. People were being enlightened to the truth by Jesus and these evil leaders could have none of that. So, they fabricated stories that were not true to win the people over to them so they could do away with Jesus. They won their case, not because Jesus was guilty, but because of you and me. He willingly let them win so he could take all creation into death with him and release us from sins grip forever. Jesus let them kill him so we could be reunited with the Father as his perfect new creation. Thank you Lord Jesus!

The way evil men treated Jesus has not changed. Corrupt politicians and those behind them will make up stories and lies to kill Truth. Anything or anyone who exposes their darkness, they will attempt to do away with them. They destroy the lives of the innocent to protect the guilty. They only want power and money, just like those who accused Jesus falsely.

However, unlike Jesus, no innocent person should have endure such evil. The innocent should not suffer while the guilty get by with their crimes. We rather demand justice! We can pray to our righteous Father and ask for his kingdom to come on earth as in heaven. We can ask Papa for justice to be served and he will give it quickly.

Jesus made us kings and priests for a reason. Let’s exercise our heavenly rights and judge the evil so righteousness can once again rule in our land.

May the Lord grant us all a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of him.

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