It’s Movie Time!

It’s movie time
A great movie is not just words a pictures. It’s a combination of words, pictures, and music combined in such a way as to stir ones emotions. Once emotions are stirred, what you are seeing and hearing seems very real. You actually FEEL it’s real. If a movie did not do that, it would be a dud!

When it comes to faith, we must produce and direct such a movie in our imagination. We need pictures and sound, something that will stir our emotions to the point of believability. If you don’t feel what you are producing in your imagination is REAL, you will not have what you’re seeking because faith has not yet been produced and developed to the point of believability.

There is no shortcut to faith. Faith is developed just like I mentioned above. Mental assent is not enough. You have to believe you ALREADY HAVE IT. It’s already yours; it’s already done. Until you do, you are just kidding yourself, getting discouraged and most likely blaming God and saying stupid stuff like, “It must not be his will.” Stop it! Go to work and create the own movie of your healing and prosperity. It is God’s will that you prosper and are in good health, so cooperate with God; stir your imagination and emotions to make what you think and feel a reality.

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