From Body Builder to Published Author in Less Than 48 Hours!

Christopher Mitchell

I have a friend named Christopher Mitchell.  He is a body builder and a very good one. The guy a sculptured piece of rock!  I first met Christopher at a Christian business luncheon a couple of years go.  I learned that he was a network marketer and a very successful one.  I remember thinking when I found out what he did, “How can this guy be a successful networker?”  The reason I thought that was because he didn’t smile.  He looked very sober every time I saw him.  Eventually he ended up attending Faith Life Church in New Albany, OH, the same place I attended to get spiritual food.

I never really KNEW Christopher until he and his wife Stacy started attending a small group Sandy (my wife) and I held in our home.  It was there that I learned the real Christopher.  I learned that he was pleasant, passionate, funny (he even smiled) and definitely speaks his mind.  It was during on of our gatherings that let us know that he was through with network marketing and wanted to use his knowledge of body building to build and successful online empire.  To do this he wanted to invest in a program to accelerate the process.  He didn’t have the money at the time so he sold his car!  (Let’s just say that the program wasn’t cheap).  His boldness and certainty about the decision blew the mind of all of us in our small group!

Christopher Mitchell is a “machine” when it comes to being committed to a mission. He worked day and night on trying to build his online business from what he learned and was learning until one day, while he was alone, he felt the Lord nudge him to write a book.  So, in true Christopher Mitchell fashion, he was obedient and started writing.  In about three hours he was done with his first book, “My Most Powerful Weight Loss Secrets of All Time: How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 days.”  Within 3 days he was fully published on Amazon!  How Christopher did that, I’ll let him tell you in his second book, Sell Your First Book: How to Write, Polish, Publish & Sell Your Very First Book on Amazon Within 48 Hours from Right Now.”  In that book he tells you exactly how you can write and publish a book within 48 hours.  He ought to know, he did it!  Now he had two books under his belt (or gym shorts in his case) in that many weeks!

Since then Christopher has written three more books:

The #1 How of Get Rich Book for Christian Men and Women

How to Build Bigger Biceps in Only 6 Weeks: The 3 Things You Must Master to Build Big Guns

-My Inspiring True Story: How the Kingdom of God Delivered Me from the Depths of Hell 

And it’s only about been around month!

I write this story because a month ago, Christopher Mitchell, body builder extraordinaire, never wrote a book in his life and now he has five!  The body builder has become published author and I believe he will be one that goes down in the history books as the man who broke the record for books written within a year.  Christopher’s goal is to do a book a week!

How did this all happen?  Christopher had a dream and thought he knew how to get there until Heaven opened and spoke a new idea into his mind and he obeyed.  A passion, that he never knew existed, surfaced, and now he is pumping out more books than he did plates on a barbell in a gym.

I am proud of Christopher for he is an example of what God wants to do in each of us.  God wants to reveal our gift and release the passion He placed in us from birth.  I hope that this story inspires you to do above and beyond what you think is possible.  After all, with God ALL THINGS are possible.

There is an instruction waiting for you to obey.




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