The #1 Secret to My Success

Persevere and win

If I had one secret to share that took me from an income in the low 20’s to a six-figures I would say it is PERSEVERANCE.

Once I entered the sales arena I wanted to quit a thousand times.  My emotions were a roller coaster.  To top it all off, I didn’t know what I was doing.  However, I never gave up. 

I remember one day in particular.  I was depressed!  I just wanted to go home!  But instead of doing that I went to downtown Cincinnati and starting cold-calling.  I went from business to business asking people if they were happy with their current security provider, and guess what?  100% present of them were!  But instead of remaining depressed I was encouraged.  Why?  Because I was doing something productive.  Hey, I was at least sowing my business cards.  It was better than wallowing in self-pity at home.

As the afternoon wore on I was wearing out!  I decided to make one more sales call.  It was a local locksmith right across from the courthouse.  I walked in and introduced myself to a gentleman that turned out to be the owner.  We started talking and both of us realized that our businesses could complement each other.  We really liked each other and scheduled a lunch for the following week. 

That next week we had lunch and built some trust and the beginning of the friendship.  Before I knew it, he was referring me to his clients who were looking for access control systems.  His company would install the electronic hardware and my company would install the controllers and readers.  Many of those companies found out I also did cameras and intrusion systems and ended up purchasing them as well.  My business grew and my income grew to six figures in a relatively short period of time!  Here I was, a guy with only a high school education making the big bucks!  I never dreamed that was possible for little ole me. 

My relationship with Steve turned out to be one of the most profitable business relationships I ever developed.  How did it all start?  It started with me taking some action…any action… and NOT GIVING UP, even when I FELT like it.  I shudder to think what would have happened if I would not have made that “one more call.”  My perseverance paid off big league, and yours will too.

It’s easy to follow your feelings and quit.  MOST people do.  Most people give up just short of a huge victory.  Don’t let that be you.

This was only one of the many experiences I have had of enjoying big rewards for persevering.  I challenge you to develop perseverance in your life.  It’s easy to quit, but it takes strength of character to persevere when every fiber of your being is screaming; “Give up!”


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