Set Free at Last

He’ll break these chains

There I was, after serving the Lord for so many years, divorced, bankrupt, broke, and broken.  I lived with the illusion that God was in control and thought that He would take care of everything.  I “sort of” believed in miracles, but never saw one.  I was taught that they didn’t exist in this age.  “God where are you?”  I still loved Him, but where was He when I needed Him?  I just about gave up serving Him at all.

Eventually I settled back into the my comfort zone.  I began serving again, remarried a wonderful woman, and thought that God was still in control.  Eventually I moved from Cincinnati to Columbus “in service to God.”  I was sent to a church that was hurt and struggling.  Though unwelcomed at first. I settled in and with other brothers began to build.  There I was settling into my comfort zone again!  Then after a series of circumstances I found myself in a lawsuit.  Some wanted to follow “the ministry,” but most of us wanted to follow the Lord so “the ministry” lovers sued us! How could brothers and sisters do such a thing?  And I thought God was in control! 

There I was again, after serving the Lord for so many years, broke and broken.  What was I to do?  But eventually we got through the lawsuit and I began settle into my comfort zone still again! Then something different happened.  The Lord, who I thought was in control, let me know in His subtle sweet way, that I was in control and it was time to surrender!  I cried out to Him and He led me on a journey, a journey of true deliverance.  I had to confess that my life did not match the Bible.  I was not living the good life, but a common life fraught with lack in every direction. 

What did God do?  He sent me to books, Christian TV, various ministers, and on a eventual journey to World Revival Church in Kansas City where I witnessed to power of God for the first time.  My hunger increased.  I began to seek the Lord for what He promised in His Word and He led me to a man named Gary Keesee (Pastor, Faith Life Church in New Albany, OH) who understood God’s kingdom law like no one I ever heard before, and changed everything for me.  We learned that God wants to bless us and equip us to take territory for His kingdom through everyday living.  We went from broke to more than enough.  Miracles began to happen and now Sandy and I are living (and still learning to live) the good life promised by God in His Word.  We have a long way to go and are excited about the journey ahead!

I share this VERY COMPACTED story for those of you are crying out to God for deliverance.  You must realize that God is only in control to the extent we give Him that place in our life, a place where He, as the Holy Spirit, can lead.  We must be willing to be led.  Religion has bound many of us hand and foot.  God wants to set us free and He will if you truly cry out to Him for He will come to the rescue of a seeking heart.  Please continue to visit this blog and my You Tube Channel because it is my desire to see others set free indeed!  God bless you richly!

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