A Call to Action

It’s time to go!

A call to action with a promise.  That was what Abram (later called Abraham) had to face and that is what all who want to enjoy God’s promises must realize.  God has been calling you to a better place.  Have your heard Him?

God called out to Abram and told him to leave where he was and go to a place that “I will tell you.”  In other words, “Just load the UHaul and I will tell you the destination as you go.  Abram had to leave his place of comfort with his family and friends to launch out on a journey that changed his life and changed the life of millions of others who would follow his example:  Trust and obey.

You see, if you want to have massive success in your life you are going to have to leave where you are and follow the voice of God.  You are going to have to go to a place you do not know and engage in things you have never done, but it is there you will find what you have been seeking for all your life:  Fulfillment.

We were all made for a purpose.  We have within us a unique destiny that is awaiting to be revealed.  The problem is that we have been conditioned to play it safe and not take “crazy” risks.  Just go to school, get a good job, get married, have children, take vacations, retire…and die.  Now that’s crazy!  What is missing here?  What is missing is purpose and passion!  What is missing is, making a difference

You know you were meant for something more.  You know you have a purpose.  I know I did, but I chose to go along with what life dished out until one day life dished out something I didn’t like and that caused me to seek like I’d never sought before.  It was when I started seeking that God was finally able to start leading me.  I have been, and am now on a journey of fulfilling what God has called me to do.  How about you?  Are you ready to stop being common and start seeking God for answers regarding your purpose?  If you are, He will start leading you as He did me and others who have heard his voice and responded.

Everything begins with hunger.  Hunger causes us to take action and makes us willing to do what we normally would never go.  Hunger gives us the power to take risks and leads us to a place of true satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Abraham, (formerly Abram) took the risk and received the promise.  His action brought rich blessings to him and to millions of people living TODAY.   Are you willing to follow that voice that has been calling out to you?  Are you willing to go out on a journey not knowing where you are going?  Are you willing to trust that inner voice and go out on a limb and watch God perform miracles in your life?  I challenge you to go and do what you never dreamed you could do.  The ability is within you, for God put it there for you to discover.  If you do what Abraham did you will receive unmeasurable blessings that will affect generations to come.

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