Take Possession of Your Good Land

It’s Yours to Possess.

In the Bible, God promised Israel a good land, a land that flows with milk and honey.  It was a land rich in produce, crops, minerals, and so much more.  God promised to bless this land and make Israel prosperous in it.  That’s great for them, but what has this to do with us today?

We too have been promised a “good land.”  This land is not out there somewhere; it is hidden within us in the form of an idea.  This idea has within it everything we need to prosper us, bless others, and leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren.  Like I said, this idea is hidden within us waiting to be discovered and possessed.

The sad truth is, MOST will never discover their “good land.”  They will never act on that “crazy idea” they had.  Instead of listening to that still small voice and obeying the call to action, most will recoil in fear and remain in their “safe place.”  Israel’s safe place was a wilderness.  Can you believe that?  As awful as a wilderness might be, it was safer to them than the risk of fighting for something greater.

Israel’s good land had to be fought for.  It was possessed by an enemy stronger than them.  They were afraid and that fear hindered them from taking action.   All those who feared ended up dying in the wilderness, never possessing the precious promise of God; a promise so amazing, it would have made them rich and influential in the world.  However, after all the fearful ones died off, their children did arise and take possession of the land promised by God and they enjoyed the blessings that land provided.

There is a gift in you!  There is an idea that YOU are supposed to bring forth into the world.  This gift or idea will bless you ABUNDANTLY and meet the needs of others.  The question is:  Have you heard “it” calling out to you?   Have you had a persistent thought to do something, but never acted upon it?  If you have, it’s time to stop procrastinating, shake off your fears, and take action.

You may not know where to start, but just start!  You may not have all the answers, but as you take action the answers will come.  God WANTS you to succeed and that is why He promised you a portion of “good land” to take possession of, cultivate, and grow it into an amazing success.  God wants to give you something that’s YOURS so He can bless it!

I can’t tell you what it is, but you already have everything you need to discover it.  Ask, and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.  When you seek this hidden treasure, in due season you WILL find it.  Don’t waste your life working someone else’s “land.”  Go, take possession of that “thing” that God has put within you to bring forth into the world; the thing that will be used to bless you, others,  and that will ultimately result in glory to God. 

I pray you will not stop until you find your good land, fight for it, and become blessed beyond measure.

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