It’s Time to Go!

There will come a time in our life when we will be called on by God to leave the familiar and safe to go to a place of trust and risk.  To advance in God’s kingdom we can’t stay where we are…ever.  We may have an idea what or where our destination is, but trust me, when you get there you will discover that your destination was only a part of your journey!  There is always more.

Abram (later named Abraham) was called by God to leave his land, relatives, and father’s house.  Why?  He was well off and comfortable.  He was living the good life.  However, God told him why:

“I will make you into a great nation.”

“I will bless you.”

“I will make your name great.”

Everything up to that point was according to Abram’s will.  But God wanted Abram to experience what “I will” do for you!  Abram was about to experience God’s will, which far surpassed anything he could imagine or will for his own life.  What God was about to do for and with Abram was out of this world!

Abram and Sarai were an ordinary couple, but God wanted to make them into a great nation!  God wanted to personally bless them and make Abram’s name great, so much that Abram would BECOME a blessing.  A blessing so profound that all the people of the earth would be blessed through him!  God blessed Abram to BE a blessing.

God wants to do the same thing through us.  He wants our lives to be a blessing to others.  When God blesses us, it enables us to channel God’s goodness to others.  God wants to demonstrate His goodness through you and that can only happen when we receive the blessing.  God has blessed you, but have you received the blessing?

Satan’s goal is to rob you of the blessing through fear and unbelief.  He wants you to doubt God’s goodness and love for you by filling your mind with and all kinds of evil imaginations, he deceives you by getting you to believe that you are sub-standard and unworthy of God’s blessing.

What is The Blessing?  As believers, we have been given THE BLESSING OF ABRAHAM.  We have been blessed with health and riches beyond measure.  All that God promised Abraham is made available to us through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.  When you believed in Jesus and received the Holy Spirit, The Blessing of Abraham became YOURS!  The blessing shows up in health and wealth.  The blessing is manifested in multiplication.  I know when a Christian has received The Blessing.  We look at them and SEE the blessing and SAY, “Boy, you sure are blessed!”  You would hesitate to call a sick or broke person blessed.  They aren’t blessed, they are depressed! They have not laid hold of the truth that has the power to set them free.  God wants you to live the blessed life so you can pass His goodness, His riches, and His healing power on to others.  God is glorified when you live the blessing!

How do you get blessed you may ask?  You already have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.  You just need to take that spiritual blessing and, by faith, cause it to manifest in the physical realm for others to see.

There was no doubt that Abraham was blessed.  Abimelech said to Abraham, “God is with you in everything you do (Genesis 21:22).  Abimelech said that because he SAW it!  It wasn’t hidden in heaven somewhere.  By faith in God’s Word Abraham experienced the blessing and others saw it manifest in his living.  Should it be different with us?  NO!  We ARE blessed WITH believing Abraham.  We have what he had because Christ Jesus, by the power of the eternal Spirit joined Abraham’s blessing and us together by faith.

What do you need to do?  RECEIVE!  No magic, no toil, just receive!  How?  By faith.  Where do I get the faith?  It’s already in you and just needs to be activated by meditating on God’s Word…His promises and praying in the Holy Spirit.  Build up your faith to receive God’s promises.  It’s simple, but not easy.  It’s not easy because the enemy is on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy you.  How?  By stealing God’s Word out of your heart.  When he does that he kills your hope and ultimately destroys you.  Don’t LET him.  Be firm and steadfast in God Word.  Pray in your prayer language and your faith will be built up and as it does, the Blessing of Abraham will begin manifesting in your life for you to enjoy and others to see.  When they see that you are blessed they will want what you have.

People want hope.  They are seeking for answers and we have the answers.  We need to open to the Lord and His Word.  The Holy Spirit will do the rest.  YOU contain the answer others seek.  Don’t shirk your responsibly.  Give yourself to God and His Word and just watch what will happen.





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