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One of the most damaging lies of Satan ever perpetrated on the Church is the unimportance of speaking/praying in tongues.  The devil has skillfully made the gift of tongues so unimportant that he has successfully deceived the Body of Christ, rendering it almost powerless.

Tongues has always been a sore subject among Christians.  Here are some of the things that I have heard over the years about tongues:


  • Tongues are the least of the gifts and therefore should not be sought after.
  • Tongues cause division in the Body of Christ.
  • Tongues are childish.
  • Tongues are of the devil.
  • Tongues were temporary evidence during transition from the Old and New Testament.


Speaking in tongues, even among those who have received the gift, is not deemed important because they don’t understand the inherent power of speaking or praying in tongues.

I was deceived for many years about this gift and it held me back in my spiritual development in way I cannot even comprehend.  Ignoring this gift has rendered me powerless!  It has done the same for millions of believers.

There is one thing I have observed among the believers.  There is a sharp contrast between those who PRACTICE speaking or praying in tongues and those who don’t.  Those who consistently pray in tongues have supernatural power.  Healings and other miracles that occur in the circle of tongue speaking believers.  I have seen very little, if any, miracles or supernatural power demonstrated among non-tongue speaking Christians.  I’ve heard great teachings, but have witnessed almost no power.  It seems that that doesn’t both them in the least!

Speaking in tongues has many elements and I do not want to deal with them in this short article.  However, the one resource that I consider the granddaddy of resources about speaking in tongues is a book by Dave Roberson called, THE WALK OF THE SPIRIT—THE WALK OF POWER, THE VITAL ROLE OF PRAYING IN TONGUES.  In this book, Mr. Roberson covers every aspect of the gift of tongues in the most excellent way.  I don’t believe there is a better resource on the planet!  You can go to Dave Roberson’s website here and download a copy at no charge.  It’s so vital a revelation that Mr. Roberson is giving it away! I strongly urge you to download this book and study it.  Even if you are on the fence about the gift of tongues, you will be enlightened by what is presented in this material.

The most important aspect of the gift of tongues is “praying in the spirit.”  This gift is available to EVERY believer.  When the Holy Spirit came into your spirit, he brought with Him the gift of a unique language to be used for direct communication with God.  God is Spirit and He must be worshipped in spirit and truth (John 4:24).  Jesus promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit before His crucifixion (John 16:13-14).  Here is what most believers do not know.  When the Holy Spirit comes into a believer He brings with Him the ability of spirit to Spirit communication—tongues, or our prayer language.  It is this prayer language that bypasses our intellect and grants us spirit to Spirit communication with God.  It is a language that we don’t even understand, and that is intentional.  It bypasses our human concepts, reasoning, thinking, intellect, assumptions, tainted teachings, and other influential things out of the way so we can have pure communication with God based on His will for us. The Spirit knows what we need and He conveys this to the Father is the most perfect way.

Praying in the spirit builds us up in our most holy faith.  I love what Jude 20 says, “But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.  The function of tongues is pure communication with God who is Spirit and a bonus is that our faith gets built up.  No wonder that the Body of Christ has so little faith these days!

I have heard every argument against praying in tongues and that not everyone has this gift.  This is hogwash!  Not everyone has the gift of supernaturally speaking in other human dialects, but everyone who is born-again has a prayer language in their spirit waiting to be released by faith.

I started praying in tongues before my wife.  She was upset about the whole topic of tongues because of the false teachings we heard for decades.  One time on our way back from Kansas City, she was upset and started mouthing nonsensical words out of frustration.  She was uttering goofy words like poo-poo, kah, kah, and such.  I was going to tell her to stop mocking tongues, but the Spirit stopped me!  He said, “Don’t say a word!”  So, I let her go and she stuttered and muttered almost all the way home.  She would mutter sounds and laugh and I would laugh.  It was crazy, but that was how she tapped into her prayer language.  Today, she is convinced that praying in the spirit is most powerful way to pray…and so am I.

We were cheated for too many years out of this wonderful gift that was tucked away inside our regenerated spirit.  It was there, just waiting for us to use our faith and release it into the atmosphere.  Today, I don’t think it’s taught enough, even by people who pray in the spirit.  I don’t think believers understand its power and therefore don’t pray much in spirit.  This is sad and that is why I am writing this article.  People need to know that untold riches are waiting to be revealed to them though praying in the Holy Spirit through the gift of tongues.

Yes, God has some secret and hidden things waiting to be revealed to us.  He cannot release them when we pray with our mind that is persuaded by natural reasoning.  He can only release them when we pray in the spirit that is mingled with the Holy Spirit.  Only the Spirit can release through our spirit what we need.  Then our spirit relays them to our mind in a flash, for our understanding and instruction.  God has made praying in the spirit the unique way to reveal His hidden things to us.  I challenge you to read 1 Corinthians 2 considering what you just read.

One last thing I would like to share.  The Jewish believers were CONVINCED that the Gentiles were received by God when they saw and heard the EVIDENCE of tongues.  When they heard the gentiles speaking and praying in tongues they KNEW that God had received them as He did the Jews.  Why would it be different today.  What better evidence of someone receiving the Holy Spirit than a demonstration of unknown tongues?

This article will cause you to say, “Amen!”, bother you, make you angry, or cause you to desire to know more.  I recommend you download Roberson’s book today and begin your journey of discovering the wonders of praying in your unique, wonderful, awesome, prayer language.  I believe praying in spirit is vital to your growth and development as a believer of Jesus Christ.



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