Making a Difference by Living the Bible

Live in Union with God’s Word

The book of Psalms starts with “How happy (blessed) is the man who does not follow the advice of the wicked or take the path of sinners or join a group of mockers!”

I find it interesting that a major book in the Bible would start out in such a way.  Right off, Psalms starts out with a warning not to be common and live like sinners or the unbelievers.  However, as I scan the Christian community, I find that this advice has not been taken by most so-called believers.

Christians are supposed to be believers, and as believers we distinguish ourselves from unbelievers by living in the reality of the truth of God’s Word.  Instead it’s very hard sometimes to distinguish the believer from the non-believer.  There are many clues you can find that confirm my observation.  Let’s get personal:

What are you saying?  Do you talk like an unbeliever?  Do you confess sickness and disease?  Do you confess lack?  Do you bless or curse?  Do you daily meditate on God’s Word?  Do you pray to maintain communion with God?  Are your hands raised in worship or are they glued to your sides?  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have lived and observed in others.

Many “Christians” follow the advice of the wicked.  I would define wicked as unbelief.  To me there is NOTHING more wicked that considering God a liar by not believing His Word.  Many Christians follow advice from non-believing friends, bankers, doctors, lawyers, and such.  They don’t mind taking advice from someone who doesn’t know God.

Many Christians take the path of sinners.  They do not rely on God’s Word, but take the way of unbelievers.  They trust credit cards, doctors, medicine, physiatrists, and such more than God Himself.  Their first choice is all the above and the last resort is prayer.  Sinners or unbelievers take this path.  This is not the path God has chosen for us.  We are to rely on Him and His promises.  If HE leads us to other resources, that’s fine.  But, with believers, HE leads.  He is our Source.  No one or nothing else is our Source!

Some Christians even join a group of mockers who mock God’s Word.  They think that God’s Word is not all true.  They believe that there are shades of gray in the Bible.   It’s ok to have sex outside of marriage.  It’s fine to accept the homosexual lifestyle.  It’s acceptable to become drunk and take drugs.  It’s not politically correct to call out sin for what it is or to discriminate.  The mockers believe that are many ways to God!  Some “Christian” even fall for this!  Mockers believe that they will get to heaven because they are good people.  Even many so-called Christian depend on their good works instead of the redemption of Jesus Christ.  Your “goodness” or “badness” has NOTHING to do with salvation.

We are living in a time where we, the true believers, need to distinguish ourselves.  We need to be different—because we ARE different.  We are not “only human.”  We are a new creation created in Christ Jesus.  We need to become devout Bible readers and believers.  We need to use our voice to call things that are not as though they are!  We need to devote our lives to reconcile people to God by living lives that demonstrate His goodness.  We need to talk different.  We must control our tongues to speak blessings over us, our children, our families, our nation.  We confess God’s Word and watch people marvel at our lives.  This is our portion.  This is our destiny.

I can write this way because I was, to a certain extent, such a person.  I trusted in credit, doctors, lawyers, and took advice from non-believers.  I was just like them.  The only difference was that I went to church, read my Bible occasionally, and prayed when necessary.  I was what I now call a non-believing believer.  I believed Jesus was my Savior, but I didn’t believe ALL of God’s Word.  Healing…forget it!  Praying in tongues…no way!  Living debt-free and in prosperity…not!  I spoke curse after curse over my life: “I can’t afford that.”  “I have this disease.”  “I am such a moron.”  “I can’t take it anymore.”  “Why does this keep happening to me.”  “I can’t make it.”  “I can’t do that.” and so forth.  I was cursing my life instead of speaking what God had to say about me.

A few years ago, that all changed.  My life if different because I accepted the truth.  I repented of my previous ways.  I bless instead of curse.  I am very careful about what comes out of my mouth.  I speak what God says about me.  When I am faced with a tough situation, I refer to God’s Word.  I ask, “What does God have to say about this?”  I refuse to live in fear.  I recognize fear for what it is and let God’s love conquer fear before it takes root in me.  I hate lack, sickness, or disease.  I do not accept them.  Christ redeemed me from every curse.  I lived the blessed life because HE SAID I DO and I agree with HIM!

It’s not too late.  You too can repent (change our mind and way of thinking.)  You can choose life!  You can choose to distinguish yourself.  It is up to you to decide and when you do, God will begin to lead you in amazing ways.  You will go from the wilderness to the Good Land, just be choosing God’s way and not the path of sinners.




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