Revelation or Repackaged Knowledge

Revelation Beyond the Veil

Paul prayed in Ephesians 1:17 the we would receive a spirit of revelation and revelation in the full-knowledge of Christ.  Paul even stated in Galatians that he lived according to revelation from Jesus Christ, not the teaching of others (Ref. Galatians 1:11-12).   I think is important to learn from others for it shortens our learning curve.  However, NOTHING can compare to fresh revelation.  Revelation comes from a direct encounter with the Holy Spirit.  It’s something God shows YOU; something that you see for yourself…first-hand.   When revelation comes, ALL doubt flees.

Revelation is an unveiling of something that was previously hidden.  When revealed, it comes as a flash of light.  Not a natural light, but a light from heaven that flashes in our spirit and impregnates our heart with an image that will never go away.  People of revelation are solid, steadfast, and firm.  They are unmovable.  People who depend on others to constantly teach them are like a house built on sand.  A strong storm will take them out because what the learned was not directly revealed to them.  Knowledge learned from others is great, but revelation makes it YOURS.

I have set under teachers with awesome teachings and as I mused upon what was being spoken, the Holy Spirit infused me with a revelation of what they were teaching.  As a result, my life changed.  I have seen others, many others, sit under the same teaching and continue to live the same as they always have.  What is the difference?  The difference is a personal encounter with truth…revelation.  You can change your mind about a teaching, but revelation will change YOU forever.  Revelation is permanent.

Revelation is available to all believers.  For the most part revelation comes to those who are seeking the Lord.  Seekers, hungry or God, end up with revelation.  They end up enjoying the reality of what the Bible says.  Seekers are occupied with knowing God and His kingdom.  They are not content with the norm.  What they read in the Bible they desire to show up in their lives.  They feel that “it” MUST show up in their lives.

Living a life based on the teachings of men will cause you to live a form of godliness, but without its power.  However, when the Holy Spirit ignites the word you are hearing, revelation comes like a bolt of lightning!  Like a camera impregnates an image on film with the millisecond opening of a shutter, letting light in, so it is with revelation.

Paul was full of revelation.  He spoke FROM revelation.  However, he knew that unless those who were hearing him had revelation themselves, there would be no lasting effect.  I remember going to church meeting after church meeting, listening to awesomes teachings, but never changing.  My life was boring and didn’t match the Bible.  This is the kind of life most “good” Christians live.

It wasn’t until I became desperate and earnestly sought after the Lord for revelation that revelation came.  My wife and I struggled under these teachings:  Every company was a bankrupt-to-be company and there was no need to pursue wealth.  Wealth was worldly and taking a vow of poverty was a virtue.  We believed tongues was childish and that there was no need to pursue after that gift.  We were taught that healing ended with the Apostles.  Thus, we lived in lack and depended on doctors and drugs for our healthcare.   We were exactly like the unbelievers in many visible ways.   But due to God’s mercy and my desire for more, the Lord began to lead me to ministries that believed the whole Bible, which included prosperity, healing, tongues and all.

I can remember getting up early every morning and spending one or two hours in the Word (I still do).  As I did, revelation came.  My life changed so drastically it’s amazing.  Over time more and more revelation came.  It came through ministers.  It came through my time in His Word.  It came as I was driving or taking a shower.  Revelation after revelation changed and IS changing everything in my life.  My income shot through the roof because of the revelation of kingdom laws regarding tithing, sowing, reaping, and forgiveness.  I begin to pray in tongues, also known as praying in the spirit.  I experienced healing and healing others.  I learned about true worship.  This learning came from one thing: REVELATION.  Though a lot of what I learned was spoken through men, God took their words and blessed me with personal revelation.

I will be forever grateful to my God for His mercy and grace for not letting me languish in nominal Christianity.  God wants to REVEAL Himself to you too.  He wants you to SEE.  He wants to burn the things of heaven into your heart.  Only then will you truly and forever change.  The Bible calls this transformation.  Revelation transforms us into the very image of God’s firstborn Son, Jesus.  Transformation makes us just like Him!

Today, I get up every morning and spend a lot of time in the Word and reading books.  As I do, revelation continues to come and I continue to change.  I look forward to every day because I know God has MUCH MORE to reveal to me.

I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, will also give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full-knowledge of Him.  Amen!



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