Taking What’s Mine is God’s Desire

It’s Yours to Possess

God promised Abraham land.  This land was vast and rich in resources.  God promised Abraham all the land he could see and set foot on.  This land would provide for Abraham and his children for all generations to come.  Abraham believed God and walked the land and claimed all God promised to him.

God has not changed His promise.  As believers, we are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to promise.  We too have a portion in the “Good Land” to possess.  Our Good Land is not in the Middle East.  Our Good Land is a special portion that God has allotted to each of His people.  This Land may not be known to you yet, but it is there for you to discover.

God gave you a life on earth.  Since you are on earth, He has prepared something to sustain and prosper you.  This something is what I call “Your Good Land.”  It is something that God has gifted you with.  It’s is something tangible that will produce an abundance in your life.  What is it?  It is for you to discover; it is real and waiting for you to possess.

My Pastor, Gary Keesee, is a great example of this.  He lived many years struggling just to survive.  The stories he tells about his struggle make me cringe.  It was bad!  He was a Christian and served in the church, but he was dead broke and suffered physically because of it.  He was very shy, and of all things he was in sales.  He said that he died 1,000 deaths in that career, but that was part of God’s plan for him to possess his Good Land.

Finally, one day, Gary laid across his bed and cried out to God, and God answered!  He showed Gary that he was living according to the earth-cursed system of painful toil and labor instead of depending on God’s kingdom way.  He repented to God and His family and started a journey that led him to his Good Land.  God gave him a business idea in a dream and that idea produced millions of dollars in revenue over the years.  However, that was only part of the possession of his Good Land.  He and his wife Drenda later became pastors of Faith Life Church in New Albany, Ohio. They began teaching what they learned to free others from the earth-cursed system into the ways of God’s Kingdom.  He taught Kingdom principles that have changed countless lives including Sandy’s and mine.

Yet, that was not all the territory God had for him.  Later came television and now a world-wide ministry!  Now God has positioned the Keesee’s to teach what they learned worldwide.  It that it for the Keesee’s?  No, as long as they keep saying “Yes” to God, there will be more territory for them to take.  Their Good Land is increasing and will increase!

My story is similar in that God positioned me in a sales career.  I did NOT want to get into sales.  I was fearful of failure and living in poverty because I didn’t believe I had it in me.  However, God knew better.  One day I said “Yes” to sales and things began to change.  Over the years, I have developed a great career in sales.  I went from $24,000 a year to over $100,000 a year within a 5-year period.  Why?  Because I said “Yes” to something that scared me.  God was positioning me for something more and I didn’t know it.  By-they-way, you don’t have to be in sales to possess your good land!

I knew nothing about God’s Kingdom or how it operated.  God led me little by little until I hooked up with two ministries that changed my life forever.  The first was Gary Keesee, Pastor of Faith Life Church.  The other was Steve Gray, Pastor of World Revival Church in Kansas City.  Through these two men, and others, I learned (and am learning) how to operate in God’s Kingdom and am now taking more territory in MY Good Land.

Not only am I in sales, which produces a comfortable living for Sandy and me, I began writing and teaching what I have learned.  As a matter of fact, my first book is being edited as I write this article.  I never dreamed that I would take up writing, but that is part of my Good Land!  Even this blog was an instruction from the Lord that I said “Yes” to.  I am currently working on a project called DeadBeat Christian.  It is a You Tube channel that I created.  It is dedicated to pointing out false Christian beliefs and practices in a humorous way.  I have other ideas that I am currently working on that will produce huge amounts of revenue.  How do I know?  Because God has put a desire in my heart that He will help me fulfill as long as I take more territory—as long as I keep saying “Yes” to the ideas He plants in my heart.  My Good Land is increasing even now.  All I have to do is take another step and claim the territory I am standing on.

My desire is that this article will encourage you to consider where you are.  Ask God to show you YOUR Good Land.  Let Him speak to you and then take action on the instruction that pops into your mind.  God talks to you through thoughts.  His voice in like yours and He speaks in a way that you can understand.  Don’t dismiss those thoughts or hunches that pop into your head.  They might be the Holy Spirit leading you to take what is yours.

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