God's Thought expressed as light

Our True Nature

The last day for the Adamic race was the day Jesus was crucified. When he resurrected a new day dawned along with a new creation. We are that new creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works.

This is not just a teaching; this is the truth. Adam, along with all the things that came about through the fall was obliterated on the cross! On the cross Christ took the whole Adamic race with him and crucified it once and for all. He terminated all that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil perpetrated upon mankind. Adam was canceled! In resurrection a new creation was born.

Today, this very moment, we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. We are in Christ and he is an us. We are mingled to such an extent that nothing can separate us from his love. If we could see this, we would see that sickness, death, disease, poverty, lack or any other such thing could not exist in us because we are in him! Somebody shout!

The only reason that the residue of the effects of Adam still linger is because we give our attention to it. This is the set our mind on the flesh. The mindset on the spirit is focused on the Christ within along with his kingdom that is also within us. When we focus on the power of Christ in us that which we need in our life will manifest from the inside out.

When we are focus on our flesh, we are looking to a God outside of us to perform some miracle for us. Honestly, he will oblige us many times because of our immaturity and his goodness. However, it won’t last. That’s why Christians often times have up-and-down days. They focus on the outward instead of on the Christ within which is the highest awareness.

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of glory give us all such a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the fall knowledge of him. I pray we could all see this and manifest God in the most glorious way.

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