We Are Entangled with God

God is madly in love with YOU. You are here because of His intention. You excite Him and the thought of living a day with you fills Him with great joy.

God is Spirit. You have a spirit to provide a home for Him within the confines of your body. It is in this most holy place that we commune with God, giving Him a way to find expression through us and thus be glorified in this world.

Our entanglement with Him through fellowship is expressed in love, the essence of who He is. This love beings us comfort and casts out any trace of fear. Thus our lives express purity and wholeness; rest and peace. His presence within magnetizes us to draw people to the Lord Jesus. What they see in you they want. And what they want is to know Him.

All this is possible when we abide in the secret place, the place deep within the recesses of our being, our spirit, where we commune with the Most High and where He shares mysteries with us. He unveils secrets and we gain revelation. Each time we spend time with Him, we are transformed and can never be the same.

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