God's Thought expressed as light

Are You Prepared?

We are living in a time when it is going to be impossible to navigate through this life without two things:

  • An intimate relationship with God through the Holy Spirit
  • The revelation of God’s Word

The more I study our situation in the United States as well as other parts of the world I realize that what is coming to the inhabited earth will require a strong relationship with God through the Holy Spirit and a clear understanding of God’s Word.  I believe things are going to come to light that will shake the very souls of most people.  Even professing Christians will find it hard to handle what is coming.

In case you haven’t noticed, God is in the process of cleaning house and it’s only just begun.  This became evident to me when Donald Trump decided to run for President.  For some reason, I knew from the very beginning that Donald Trump was going to be the next President.  I instinctively knew that he was the man for the job.  However, I will confess that I didn’t know why.  I will also confess that I was ashamed to tell people that I supported Trump because most Christians judged the book by its cover without seeing what was really inside.  They wanted a “Christian” in office.  Personally, I am sick and tired of Politian’s using the “Jesus card” to win the hearts or religious people who lack discernment to sense what is beyond the rhetoric.  I saw Trump as genuine, and not a fake!  I choose genuine every time.  I proved to be right, just saying!

I believe God prepared Donald Trump for such a time as this.  I believe he is a chosen vessel of God to aid in the house-cleaning that I mentioned earlier.  We see that the mainstream media and Hollywood are being exposed for what they really are.  Politian’s are being exposed to the point they cannot hide it.  They are clearly stating their allegiance to what is evil.  They are not even trying to hide it anymore!

We are even seeing so-called church leaders being exposed, and this is just the beginning.  What is coming is going to rock the very core of our faith.  Those we trusted in are not as they seemed and it’s not going to be pretty.  As a matter of fact, this part will be most severe as judgment must begin with God’s household.  What has been done in secret will be exposed.  What has been whispered in secret will be made known to all. 

You may ask, “Michael, how do you know?”  My answer, I just know.  God is righteous and will not let evil continue as it has.  His agenda is the salvation of souls and His people living righteous lives, sharing the good news of His kingdom, not the sugar-coated stuff coming out of many so-called churches today; all in an effort to keep their base and support their man-made kingdoms. 

I believe something very big is coming.  The light is on and it is intensifying.  Not only are big names about to be exposed and the pure evil they have done, but even more important, the Good News of the kingdom of God will go out, not in word only, but in power!  It will go out, not by mega-pastors, but by the common saints who have developed intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and are firmly grounded in the Word of God.

I believe that there is a great awakening happening both in the church and the secular world.  God is going to advance His kingdom agenda.  My advice is to wake up and join the movement or get out of the way because nothing is going to stop what is coming…nothing! 

I consider myself a seeker of truth.  Some hear what I have to say and think I am nuts.  So be it!  I am not nuts; I am prepared and getting prepared.  If you know the Lord and have a good relationship with Him, you know deep down things are happening the spirit-realm…on both sides.  I am so thankful to be alive at such a time as this.  God ordained it so you and I can be here to witness the biggest move of God in, I believe, human history. 

What must you do?  Get prepared.  Seek God in prayer and meditation.  Meditation is when you shut up and let Him speak to you.  Then, make the Bible a daily companion.  Don’t go a day without getting into God’s Word and letting it SPEAK to you.  That Book is alive!  It will reveal its hidden mysteries to you as the Spirit enlightens your heart. 

All this is my personal feeling.  Take what I have written to heart and consider it as you seek the Lord regarding His kingdom and your place in kingdom history.

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