What's in a Name?

What’s in a Name

Let me give you something to think about.  Have you ever considered the meaning of your name?  Your name may just reveal your purpose; your destiny or at the very least, how God sees you.

In Revelation 2:17 the overcomers in Pergamum were given some of the hidden manna and a white stone with a new name inscribed on it.  This name, no one would know except the one who received it.  Why is this white stone so important?  Because the name inscribed on that stone denotes the meaning of the receiver’s life…their destiny.  Are you an overcomer?  Are you a victor?  If so, you have such a stone; you have a new name with your destiny inscribed on it.  My intension for using this verse is to bring out the importance of names, for names bear meaning and that meaning describes purpose.  Your birth name could also be an indication of your purpose.

My name is Michael.  Michael means, “Who is like God?”  My name poses a question.  And the answer to that question is, “No one is like God!”  I don’t know about you, but I want to live up to my name, a name that causes people to consider the goodness and greatness of God.  When people say, “Hey Michael!”  They are saying, “Who is like God?”  Based on my name and manner of life, my answer, “No one!”

In the Bible names mean something.  We all know Abram.  His given name meant “exalted father.”  In God’s eyes, Abram was and exalted father.  However, the problem was that Abram was childless in his own eyes.  Was his name a mistake?  God saw into His future, but Abram only saw his current situation.  Abram and Sarai were “unable” to conceive children.  How could Abram be considered an exalted father when he had no children?  How many of us are facing similar situations?  We are not living up to our name.

Well, God stepped in and made matters worse, He changed Abram’s name to Abraham, denoting that he would be the father of a multitude!  Are you kidding me!  The years went by and nothing but frustration…no children.  However, if God says something it WILL happen and Abram had to learn that.  Abram’s very name was prophetic.  You ARE and exalted father!  In whose eyes?  In God’s eyes.  The problem is that Abram wasn’t seeing eye to eye with God. 

As I said, eventually God strengthened Abram’s name by changing it to Abraham.  Not only was he to be an exalted father, but that father of a MULTITUDE!  Yikes!  Abraham was to be the father of a multitude and he was STILL childless.  God spent 25 years working with Abraham to build up his faith until he acknowledged the meaning of his name and saw eye to eye with God.  Once that happened the fulfillment came, Isaac was born.  And out of Isaac eventually you and me came along, for we are ALL sons and daughters of Abraham since we are in Christ, the seed of Abraham!

How do you see yourself?  Your name matters.  Your name has meaning.  Your name could just describe your purpose; your destiny.  Something about your name relates to how God sees you.  After all, your name was given ultimately by Him through your parents. 

In Judges chapter 6 we read of Gideon.  What does Gideon mean?  It means “hewer.”  Gideon means to cut down, chop down, cut in two, to hew down.  God told Gideon that he would deliver Israel from the Midianites, but Gideon said in essence, “How can I, I am the youngest of the weakest tribe?”  You see, Gideon didn’t understand his calling because he didn’t understand the prophetic meaning of His name.  However, God worked with him and he became what his name signified…he hewed down the enemies of Israel.  When we see eye to eye with God and understand who we are in His eyes, based on our name coupled with the name of Jesus, we are a powerful force on earth for God’s kingdom invasion and dominance. 

Do you know the prophetic meaning of your name?  Do you know and understand how God sees you?  When you finally understand and come into agreement with God miraculous things will begin to happen in your life. 

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