Partakers of His Divine Nature

2 Peter 2:5 says that we, yes, WE can become partakers of God’s divine nature.  We can ingest who God is and partake of Him and all that He has for us.  Only then can we EXHIBIT the goodness of God to all around us.  To try to exhibit God’s goodness apart from His living in us is pure hypocrisy and would not be sustainable because of who we are.  The true you will eventually come out.

God never intended for us to be on Earth while He is in Heaven.  He intended and intends to bring Heaven to Earth through our participation in His divine nature.  How on earth can we mere mortals partake of God’s divine nature?  We can do that through His exceedingly great and precious promises (2 Peter 1:4).  As we ingest His living Word and meditate on His promises they become ALIVE in us and we begin living them out spontaneously.  It’s not an EFFORT, it’s the result of what we have been PARTAKING of.

The Christian life is not a duty or performance.  I tried that and it’s miserable!  The life God called us to is actually easy.  He gave us Jesus, the incarnate Word of God.  Jesus is the Word of God who became flesh.  He is the prototype of what we are to become.  As Jesus was the Word becoming flesh, so must we be.  We must ingest God’s Word until He become manifest in our lives.  The people will SEE God’s grace and reality exhibited in and through us.  Thus we don’t only preach the message, we become the message!

Jesus said in John 6 that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we will not have life, God’s eternal, divine life in us.  He was not speaking of his actual flesh and blood, but rather His words which were Spirit and Life.  Without partaking of His words and letting them abide in us until they are lived out of us we are lifeless people.  We end up looking and sounding like everyone else.  Sure, we may be more moral and ethical, but anyone can do that by the choices they make.

It takes the Word becoming flesh to heal the sick and raise the dead.  It’s takes the Word becoming flesh to manifest supernatural provision.  It takes the Word becoming flesh to love the unlovable.  It takes the Word becoming flesh to take authority over demons and evil spirits.  It takes the Word becoming flesh to shift world governments and powers.  It takes the Word becoming flesh to exercise dominion over ALL things.

I have determined that HIS life must become MY life.  Every day I get into God’s Word.  I pray it, I meditate on it, and pray in the Spirit so that what is on the pages of The Book can get into the crevasses of my heart until what is in the Word can be seen in my life.  It’s a process and it’s fun!  I love seeing God’s Word show up in my life and in the life of those who practice the same. You will never have what the Word says until you partake of His promises and become occupied with them.

This is a short and simple article, but the truth contain here takes diligence to realize.  Start your journey to be partakers of His divine nature through His exceedingly great and precious promises.

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