Saved, but Lost

I’m saved but feel lost

I grew up in a small town.  I am so thankful for my childhood.  It was safe and I was blessed to be born into such a family and environment.  I was a “good kid.”  I never got involved in alcohol, drugs, or the sex scene.  On the outside everything was great.  However, on the inside I was instinctively seeking to be right with God.  I was superstitious and slept with a small Bible under my pillow thinking that would make God happy and protect me.   On June 17, 1973, I went to a revival meeting in a small church and there I received Jesus as my Savior.  That was the day my life changed forever.  I got “saved.”

It would be some 35 years later that I would discover that I was saved, but lost.  I had Jesus living in me, but my life did not exhibit His power.  I was saved, loved the Lord, and served Him, but I was lost regarding understanding the full potential of God’s life within me. I realized that I had the form, but not the power.  I was like a person who inherited a trillion dollars, but never knew it.  I was rich, but lived as though I was dead broke.  I lacked the truth and knowledge of what I had in Christ.  I already possessed everything I could ever need or want as a child of God.  I just had to learn how to access it.

If someone gave you a check for $1000.00 you wouldn’t just put it in your pocket and continue to suffer lack.  You would go to the bank and cash it!  You would cash it based upon the faith you had in the person who signed the check and his or her ability to honor it.  We do this all the time in the natural realm.

God wrote a check we call the Bible.  It is filled with thousands of promises.  Promises He made and vowed to fulfill and then signed this “check” with the blood of Jesus His Son.  Therefore, why wouldn’t we “cash in” on all these promises?  I have discovered that there are several reasons why, but here are three:

  • Ignorance of the truth
  • Unbelief in what God says applies to us
  • We don’t trust the “check writer”

For me, I didn’t believe all the promises applied to me and I didn’t trust God.  I was lead to believe that many promises, such as healing were for the coming age and did not apply TODAY.  On top of that I had a trust issue with God.  A trust issue so deep, I didn’t even know it.  I had God’s promises in my hand, but they never got into my heart.  I was saved, but lost when it came to enjoying the life God paid for me to enjoy through the blood of Jesus.

Eventually through a hunger God placed in me I began to seek Him and the truth of His Word.  As a result, today my life is different.  I am a recovering unbelieving-believer.  As I learn the truth of God’s Word I am living the high-life.  I have and am experiencing what God’s Word says.  I am seeing on Earth as in Heaven being played out in my life.

There are two things that are very dear to every person on the planet:

  • Health
  • Provision

All people want to be healthy and have enough provision to obtain the desires of their heart.  Most people want more than enough and that is healthy.  God made us that way and provided a system for that to be our reality.  This “system” I will share at another time and it will be covered in a book I am in the process of writing.

God’s Word is LOADED with promises that cover these two desires or longings that people have.  Are you sick?  Are you broke?  Do you have a report from a doctor that says you are terminal?  Do you suffer from something the professionals can’t pinpoint?  Are you living paycheck to paycheck and worried about how the next bill will be paid?  Your solution is on your shelf somewhere in your home.  It’s in the Bible.  When I really began to dig into the Word for myself and seek specific answers to the needs I had, God began to reveal that ALL THINGS are ALREADY mine in Christ.  All I had to do is simply receive them by faith.  I just had to trust God enough to ‘cash the check.”

Today I drive a new car I didn’t pay for.  My wife and I live in a home we never thought we could afford.  We have all new furniture we paid for with cash.  We have a savings account with money in it.  We have been healed of several sicknesses and diseases, and I have witnessed the healing of many others.  What changed?  This saved, but lost soul began to take God at his Word.  I began wearing out the pages of my Bible discovering and applying God’s Word by faith and I haven’t even scratch the surface.  We’ve only just begun and it’s awesome!

No matter how old you are.  No matter how long you have been a Christian. It doesn’t matter if you are sick and broke and lost all hope.  Even if you are not a Christian right now, there is hope for you.  You can become saved and keep getting saved by the power of His Word.  You can be healed!  You can be get rich and keep getting richer until you are very wealthy (Gen. 26.12).  You can overcome all things by the power of His Word activated by faith.  There is nothing for you to do, but simply receive.  God did it all in Christ.  Just believe my friend, just believe.

You see, I was saved, but lost.  I had Christ in me and the Bible in my hand, but didn’t “cash the check” regarding all the promises of God that were freely given to ME through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I had to come to a place, a seeking place.  I had to humble myself under God’s mighty had so He could life me up, and lift me up He did.

What God did for me He will do for you.  He will save you and keep saving you until you experience His full salvation.  God wants you to live long and prosper.  I invite you to open your Bible and start seeking God.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and reveal to you all the riches you have in Christ.  Then you will know true salvation and become a living testimony of the goodness of God.


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