The Diabolical Plan to Kill, Steal, and Destroy You

Jesus said, “A thief comes only to steal, kill and to destroy…”  This has, is, and will always be what the thief does.  The problem is that most people are totally unaware that this is actually happening to them.  The majority of earth’s population is under assault and don’t even know it.  Chances are, you are one of them!  How is this stealing, killing and destroying taking place?

The Illusion of Choice

Look at our political process in the United States for example.  We have a two-party system and are made to believe that this gives us choice.  However, is there really a difference?  The answer is no!  No matter who gets in office, nothing changes!  Promises are broken, and everything stays the same.  Why is that?  It is because there is a secret society that is pulling all the strings of our puppet-politicians to keep “we the people” under their control.  Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.  Their differences are, for the most part, an illusion.  Why not a third party?  It’s been tried again and again but has failed.  A third party threatens the illusion, and the Elite don’t want that.


Keep the population entertained with sports, recreation, social media and video games and no one will even notice the thief is stealing them blind (literally).  Our freedoms are being taken away and we don’t even know it because we are too busy sedating our senses through mindless entertainment.  The point of most the entertainment is to keep us from taking time to think!  


Parents used to be responsible for the education of their children.  They taught their children in the way they should go.  Eventually children were educated in close knit communities and taught by teachers who lived in that community and were known by the parents.  However, once the federal government took over our education system, it provided a way to begin brainwash our children, teaching them WHAT to think and now HOW to think.  Most kids coming out of our education systems today are dumbed-down robots, programmed to believe in globalism, global warming, there is no god or many gods or that they are god’s.  They are taught that entitlement is a way of life, abortion is a woman’s right, homosexuality is normal, socialism is necessary, and the list goes on.  Did you ever stop to think, “Why are most young people extremely liberal in their views?”  Why don’t they understand freedom or our Constitution?  Why would they freely accept socialism?  Why don’t they understand freedom and its costs?  This is on purpose folks.  Please note that I am not attacking teachers or education in general, I am just bringing to light a disturbing truth that needs to be considered.  Pay attention parents!


The world population is being systematically brainwashed through media and Hollywood.  They think if CNN says it, it must be true.  If a famous actor or sports figure believes something, that must be right.  Day by day, little by little, I see people becoming mind-numb robots with no ability to reason.  The general populations gospel comes from the major news media outlets and the movies they watch.  Few question whether what is claimed is true.  We have been lied to so much that we grow numb and don’t even care anymore.  The majority of people bury their heads in the sand hoping they can make it another day.  Our adversary wants people to think a certain way and they accomplish this through brainwashing!  Did you know that a repeated lie eventually becomes true in the mind of the person subject to that repetition?  Advertisers know this and so should you.  Don’t believe what you hear and see on TV.  Investigate matters for yourself and use common sense. 

Divide and Conquer

Our enemy destroys by dividing people.  They pit black against white, north against south, rich against poor, religions against each other, female against male, nation against nation, etc.  They take our differences and make them issues. If they can divide a people enough, they can destroy and thus conquer a nation.  Even Christians fall for this tactic and become accomplices to this scheme.  Look at the denominations, what are they of a display of division.  God hates division and so should we.  Don’t fall for the divisive tactics of the Elite.

Fear and Terror

It’s amazing how quickly people will give up freedoms to escape fear and terror.  That’s the plan!  They create terror incidences to generate fear so people will give up their freedoms and go to war if necessary.  The entire “war on terror” was manufactured by the Elite to create fear and panic so people would willingly give up their freedoms and make war with other nations to enrich themselves.  They are using fear to attack our Second Amendment.  Create enough mass shootings and over time people will surrender their guns for perceived security.  The Second Amendment is one of the only things that is keeping this nation safe!


The promotion of political-correctness is a direct assault on our First Amendment rights.  We can’t call abortion murder.  We can’t call a transgender a he or she.  We can’t say anything about the sin of homosexuality.  That is considered hate speech!  If you have a different opinion about anything that someone doesn’t like, that is deemed hate speech and politically incorrect.  This is also a direct assault and Christians and the Bible.  Yet most Christians won’t speak up out for fear of being politically incorrect.  We have the right to voice our opinion, but that is slowing being taken away through political-correctness. 


Keep people so busy that don’t have time to think.  Keep them so occupied that they don’t take time to read and do research for the real answers.  Our leaders’ tax us to death and force many to take 2-3 jobs or work 70-80 hours a week to eke out an existence.  How many people say when you ask them how they are doing, “I am so busy.”  The whole point is to keep people from thinking, meditating and paying attention to what is really going on.  A thinking people is a dangerous people to the Elite.


The banking elite understand the human desire for more and there is no better way to enslave people than to convince them to get into debt.  In school and in many homes delayed gratification is not taught.  We are taught that we can have it now.  Credit card companies will gladly extend credit because they know that once you get hooked on getting what you want without having the cash—they can own you.  Retailers don’t talk in terms of what something costs anymore. They talk in terms of monthly payments.  You can’t pay cash for a $40,000 vehicle, but you can “afford” a monthly payment of $500.  I deserve this new car, but actually you don’t.  The reality is that you deserve what you can pay cash for.  Debt is slavery, plain and simple.  Most work jobs they dislike because of the debt they owe.  This is modern-day slavery and a way to keep the population in bondage. 

Fake Reality

Making people think that good is bad and bad is good.  Training people to imagine that what the media, Hollywood, and Washington say is real.  Making people believe they have choices and that being political-correct makes sense and is right.  Making people think that terrorist acts are being done by “the bad guys” instead of orchestrated plans of the Elite to keep the population under control.  Fake reality is that there is no God, no consequences for sin, what I think is real, and that truth is what one believes it is.


Am I too much?  No, I am awakened!  There is a great awakening going on right now on this earth.  This awakening is being orchestrated by the one and true God, Jehovah.  He is righteous and has been observing lawlessness on this earth for some time.  He sees the Elite under the power of darkness who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy what God has purposed.  I believe God is moving in a great way and we can make the choice to cooperate with Him.

In 2016 God gave the earth a great gift.  His name is Donald J. Trump.  Many Christians despised him and wrote him off as an ungodly sinner.  The Washington elite wrote him off as an attention-grabbing actor, running for the fame it would bring.  Few took him seriously.  But many of us saw something different.  We saw behind the veil and knew God was about to do something great.  He found a man, rough, yet bold and courageous, who He could trust to save a nation for such a time as this.  Not only a nation, but nations.  Donald Trump was not a Politian or one of the swamp creatures that were sucking America and other nations dry.  He was not seeking wealth, fame, or fortune (the fact is that he is the only President in history that has a net worth less than when he took office).  He saw a need and felt he could do something about it.  Though he had a huge ego, he was a humble man who embraced Christianity and welcomed the Word of God into His life.  He surrounded himself with godly people and won an election everyone thought he would ever win.  He has sacrificed his wealth, safety, freedom and family to serve this nation and clean up the evil swamp creatures who live in Washington and are systematically destroying this nation and even the world.

Donald J. Trump as put a stranglehold on the Elite and their plan of a one world government.  President Trump was their biggest threat and now a new threat is emerging:  A free-thinking, truth-seeking people who are coming out of the illusions forced upon them by the Elite and are rising up to stand with God and bring His kingdom reality into the earth realm. 

You, my friend, have a choice.  You can join the great awakening and become part of an army of warriors to take back what the enemy has stolen. Or, you can sit back and do nothing.  We were born for such a time as this.  It’s time to send the swamp creatures packing.  It’s time to expose the media and their lies.  It’s time to support godly men and woman who will put this nation back on track.  It’s time to bring God back into our schools, end the murder on innocent babies, put a stop to human trafficking and sexual abuse of children.  It’s time to give people the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s time to establish God’s kingdom and earth and bring healing to the nations—a world-wide revival.  It’s time for YOU to make a choice to stand with the truth and the time is NOW! 

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