You Are So Lovely

The Song of Songs is the greatest love story ever told.  The vast majority of people who read this book do not understand its meaning.  They consider it a merely human relationship between Solomon and one of his many wives, but it is not that at all.  It is a book of a divine romance.  It’s the story of Christ and his lover—and that lover (if you wish to be) is you.

In this article I will not expound the entire book, but only one verse of chapter one.  I will be referencing The Passion Translation.  The point I want to make in this short time we have together is the difference between our estimation of ourselves and Jesus’ estimation of us. 

Our estimation of ourselves is that we are unworthy and so in need.  In the story, the Shulamite says: “I know I am unworthy—so in need.” (1:5) However, the Kings view of her is, “Yet you are so lovely.”  Isn’t this our case?  We often feel unworthy to receive from God and all the good things He promised.  We think that others can, but not us because we are so short of His glory and very much in need of more holiness.  But when Jesus looks at you he says, “You are lovely.”  My friend.  We have to stop looking at ourselves through our own eyes and see ourselves through the eyes of our Lord.

The Shulamite answers the Kings response with, “I feel dark and dry as the desert tents of the wandering nomads.”  She is expressing how she FEELS.  However, what is the Kings response? 

“Yet you are SO lovely—like the fine tapestry hanging in the holy place.”  Not only are YOU lovely, you are SO lovely.  You may FEEL dark and dry, but to the Lord you are fine, and you are holy, for nothing unholy can hang in the holy place.

My point is that when we stop looking at ourselves through our natural eyes and see ourselves through the Word of God, we become encouraged and confident.  As one reads through the Song of Songs, that is exactly what happens.  All this is backed up in Ephesians, which says, “For He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless in HIS sight.”  It is how God sees us in Christ that matters.  If you are born-again you are not standing bare before God, you are clothed in His righteousness who is Jesus Christ.  He sees you as altogether lovely.  Therefore, stop looking down on yourself.  Get into the Word of God and begin to see yourself as God sees you.  Be encouraged! 

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