The Second Revolutionary War

Whether you realize it or not, we are at (or past) the “signing” of the second Declaration of Independence.  It was 57 men who signed to first Declaration in response to the dictatorial rule of England.  These men had guts and risked EVERYTHING by signing that Declaration…and they paid dearly for their actions!  Because of them, we are free…sort of.  For the last 100 years or so a new dictatorial class has arisen.  We refer to them as the Illuminati, Deep State, or Shadow Government.  This group of evil men and women are real and hell-bent on establishing a One World Order.  An order where they hold ALL the power.

After the first signing a Revolutionary War ensued, and we won our freedom from the tyranny of England and great loss of life.  A second Declaration has been signed by the election or 2016, and now we are in a second Revolutionary War.  This war is not being fought with guns, but with information.  The enemy is brainwashing its target (We the People) with false information appearing real.  This is not a new tactic.  It’s the same deception that Satan himself used on Adam and Eve.  He disguised his lie in a thin veil of truth and used optics (a beautiful fruit) to deceive them and thus corrupt them and all mankind.

This is happening today in the United States and all over the world.  The Illuminati (Deep State) is using media (MSM), Hollywood, and our education system to brainwash the masses and getting them to willingly surrender their freedom.  How can that be?  Who doesn’t want to be free?  Frankly, our younger generations does not even understand what freedom is, nor its cost. How do I know?  They embrace Socialism, and by the time they figure out they have been duped, it will be too late…if we who are “awake” don’t act NOW.

The Deep State players are not blatantly taking freedom (at least not before now).  They are taking our freedom by getting us to surrender it through fear.  They use words and optics to threaten our safety by false flag events such as terrorist attacks and mass shootings.  They use these events to sway public opinion and cause deep divides among the population. Whatever you can divide you can eventually conquer, once the population is splintered into small enough groups. The division they cause produces hate and anger.  These are emotions that the media is expert at generating within the hearts of people every single day—all day!

What are they after?  Your submission!  They want your guns and your voice.  We have seen the systematic attack on both.  Every time there is a mass shooting, who is the first to scream “Gun control!”  Who is limiting free speech via being politically correct?  The answer to both is, at this juncture, the Democratic Party and some Rhino holdouts in the Republican Party.

Now, let me ask you and honest question:  Why do some people hate President Trump?  I will be very frank and many of you won’t agree with my assessment, but people hate Donald Trump because they are TOLD to.  The media is designed in such a way as they can dictate what you think.  People learned that from school.  They (we) were taught in school “how things are.”  They were taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.  The media plays on this fact and eventually people believe things without actually thinking about why they believe what they believe what they do.  When a person’s programmed belief is challenged, they get angry; anger produces hate and thus division.  Our society is being encouraged to be divided.  That is the PLAN.

I can’t even mention Trump without someone going off on what a liar and cheat he is!  They have no evidence or solid proof of what they are saying when actually the opposite is true.  They cite the MSM (Main Stream Media) as their source 9 times out of 10. So, there you have it, a successful brainwashing!

We must wake up!  We have been duped by the MSM, politicians, professors, and Hollywood.  We need to learn HOW TO THINK again.  We have to not allow our emotions to rule without solid logic backing them. 

Why is Trump a target?  Because he knows their secrets and sees their treachery and is doing something about it.  Trump is a nationalist, which the MSM is making out to be something awful!  A nationalist puts their country ahead of the world, just like a father would put his family before others.  Globalist are hell-bent on a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  A government that is not installed by the people but is appointed by the Illuminati.  Globalist believe, what’s mine is mine and what is yours is mine.  Globalism is satanic from its root.

Now another question:  How do we fight?  We seek truth.  The truth is out there screaming at us.  We are just too anesthetized to realize it.  We have to pray that our conscience once again becomes alive and our intuition speaks louder than the false narrative being shoved down our throats every day by the MSM.  Our conscience lets us know good from evil, right from wrong.  Our intuition is that God-given inner voice that leads us down the right paths.  The more we know the truth, the more and easier it will be to detect the lie.

Once awakened, we need to make our voices heard.  Fear of what others will say is not an option when fighting for freedom, it’s our voice that prepares the way for justice and righteousness to rule and reign.  Where there is justice, there is freedom. 

The Deep State needs to KNOW that we are awake.  Their power over us is broken by our knowledge of them and what they are up to.  And we need to fight them with all we have.  How?  Not with guns, but with our VOICE.  They fear an awakened society that is not afraid to tell the truth.  That is why Facebook, Google, You Tube, and Twitter are stifling the voices of the resistance.  The walls of the globalist cabal will crumple IF we wake up and stand together as a united people.  Not whites, blacks, Hispanics, male or female rich or poor, but Americans—ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for ALL.

We are at war, a new kind of war.  A war for who will control the thoughts and minds of the people of our great nation (the same goes for other nations as well).  Will we take control of the way we think and learn HOW to think or will we let the MSM and corrupt politicians continue to divide and conquer us?

Right now, President Trump and a team of Patriots is working behind the scenes to awaken as many people as possible.  Make no mistake, the President and his team are excellent chess players and the Cabal is being taken off guard by his strategies.  Though they have made several attempts on his life (you don’t hear that on MSM), he learned from JFK, and will not be sloppy about his own life.  Why do they want him dead?  Because Donald Trump and his military team are the biggest threat to the One New World Government they have ever faced.  They are being exposed and have pulled out all the stops to try to end Trump’s presidency. 

They will fail.  Why?  Because there is another power at play.  It’s the power of God!  God Himself intervened in 2016 through the election of Donald Trump.  Many prophets have foretold of his presidency and success to drain the swamp.  Not only will he make it through the first term, but he will serve a second term and will be successful in draining the swamp in Washington and around the world. “That would be a miracle!” you may say, and you would be right.  It was, is, and will be a move of God’s grace over the nations.  God through Trump has derailed the enemy’s timeline and they are furious.  Hillary was RIGGED to win the 2016 election.  The deck was heavily stacked against Trump, but miraculously Trump won!  This was NOT supposed to happen!

Today, the President is being attacked from EVERY human direction.  This is unprecedented.  Any logical person who ask, “Why”?  Well now YOU KNOW why.  Will you have the guts to take a stand?  Share this article with others.  Use your social media platforms to get the truth out.  Don’t be intimidated to speak the truth.  You will be attacked and labeled a conspiracy theorist or worse but know this…only the truth will set us free.  You have a change to have a place in making history.  No matter how small our influence, use what you have to learn what is true and spread the truth you have learned.  Our voices are our only hope to win the second revolutionary war.

May God richly bless you, the reader, our President, his team, and the United State of America along with other nations craving freedom.

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