Where Are the Answers?

It has been 45 plus years since I first excepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  However, just accepting the Lord was just the beginning.  Having Him living in me was not quite enough to enjoy all God had for me.  Like many believers, I lived a responsive life.  That was the way most of us are trained in this world…to just respond to situations based upon the knowledge we have at the time.

It took MANY years to discover that God has something more for me than a good existence.  He wanted to demonstrate through me (and you) His surpassing power and grace.  However, for that to happen I had to go deeper, and you will too.

The answers and blessing we all desire are HIDDEN and waiting to be discovered by us.  However, desire is not enough.  We need to SEEK them with all our heart.  You see, God does not flaunt the riches He has in store for us.  He hides them in secret places, places that only we can find.  He does this to protect those riches from being stolen from us by God’s enemy (John 10:10).

I had to ask, “What does it mean to seek to find?”  Whenever I am looking for something, I find that I am very focused and single minded.  I can’t stop thinking about and look for the item I am seeking until I find it.  I don’t say, “Oh well” or give up easily.  I seek what I am looking for until I find it!  You can call it determination or persistence, but whatever you call it, this kind of seeking is what it takes to find the answers that you are looking for.

We are too casual about the precious promises of God to manifest in our lives.  The riches of God in Christ for us will never be discovered by casual looking.  We must keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking UNTIL we have what we are looking for.  God PROMISED that such an attitude will grant us what we seek (Matthew 7:7-8).

There you have it, the answers you seek are hidden and waiting for you by persistent seeking UNTIL you find them.  Don’t give up seeking, ever!  What God promised IS yours!  Do you need healing?  Don’t give up until you have it!  Do you need a financial breakthrough?  Don’t give up until you have it!  Whatever you crave you will have…because God said so.  He hid the answers for you seek.  Now go and find them for they are awaiting your discovery.

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