Don’t Take It Anymore!

Life was never meant to be dull, mediocre, drab, or plain.  Life is meant to be full of meaning.  It’s meant to excite and challenge you.  Life is your chance to make a mark and to make a difference.

Most people are born, die, and a few days after the funeral, hardly anyone even remembers they existed.  Sure, they had family, friends, and colleagues, but that’s common; everyone has that.  They left nothing behind, but memories.  However, we were born for something more.

One day I woke up.  After living a “normal” life, one that was plain and caused me to blend into the to the crowd, I was fed up.  I was living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by.  My life was so contrary to what I read in the Bible I got mad!  I wanted more.  I wanted what the Bible says I could have.  That desire caused me to seek the truth.  I had to stop listening to all the people around me who were content with status-quo.  I had to launch out on my own to discover why I was here.

I wanted to see miracles.  I wanted to see people healed.  I wanted to experience prosperity.  I wanted what I saw others have, who seemed to have it all figured out, and who learned how to tap into the realities of the Bible.  I turned to Christian TV and listed for anything that could help me.  A few ministries really sparked my interest such as:  Kenneth Copeland, Sid Roth, Mike Murdock, Bill Winton, Andrew Wommack, Steve Gray, and Gary Keesee.  These men all played a part in my deliverance from the mundane.

One common thread that all these men had was that they prayed in tongues.  Tongues was something shunned within the group I was running with for the past 35 years.  As a matter of fact, all the miraculous was avoided.  This is true of most religious groups.  If they can’t control or naturally understand it, they mock or avoid it all together.  Part of my deliverance was when I let the Holy Spirit pray for and through me in Heaven’s language.

Through my seeking and hunger the Bible became a new Book.  It was alive and it was making me alive.  I began to develop my faith and made it my mission to discover what faith really was.  I opened my mouth and begin to pray in the spirit, the gift locked up within me and never utilized because of false teaching.  I’ll say more about this gift in future post.  Praying in the spirit is vital to operating with power in the miraculous.  I prayed for healing and it actually happened!  I learned about the Law of Sowing and Reaping and my finances began to change.  Most importantly I learned that God’s Kingdom operates by laws.  When I applied these laws,  I experienced countless blessings.

[I am going to get very personal.  This is not to offend, but to cause the seeking reader to consider where they really are in their Christian life and serve as a challenge to do something that will take them to a whole new level.  I am writing this to invoke change, not to offend.]

Here is my question.  What about you?  What are you settling for?  Is your Christian life powerless?  Are you sick and have a disease that you are tolerating?  Are you struggling financially?  Are you depressed?  Do you hate going to work every day and can’t wait for Friday?  If you died, ultimately, would it even matter?  Was this world a better place because you were here?  These are hard questions, but honest ones that need to be answered.

You were born and put here for a purpose.  God had something in mind for you.  Your job is to discover that purpose and get into the flow of God’s design for you.  Here is what I know:  Your purpose will be regarding something you know little about.  It will be big and the thoughts of doing it will scare you spitless.  It will be foreign to you.  Why?  Because God wants you to depend on Him to fulfill it.  God is not going to give you an assignment that you can do on your own.  He will lead you into a “land” that is foreign and intimidating to your carnal mind.  Isn’t that exciting!

If you look at the picture of Israel you will see that God lead them into a foreign land full of giants and fortified cities.  Yes, God led them into a “scary” situation.  However, that land was loaded with riches.  God promised them that land and all they had to do is trust Him and go and take it!  However, because it was so scary to the natural senses their entry was delayed until all the fear died off and faith arose; faith strong enough to do what God said.  When they went ahead and took the risk, they were GREATLY rewarded!

It’s no different for us.  We are comfortable living in “the house of bondage.”  We are comfortable living mediocre lives.  It’s safe.  It may not be pleasant, but it is safe.  It’s predictable and quite frankly miserable!  So how long are you going to tolerate mediocrity?  How long are you going to let all the promises of God pass you by and not have tasted the fullness of what God promised you HERE and NOW?

Do you know that God promised health to His people?  Do you know He promised a prosperous life?  Lack is not of God!  Sickness is not of God!  Yet we tolerate it as though it’s normal.  It’s normal for the world, but not God’s people.  We do what the world does and that is why the world pays zero attention to us.  What is the difference between you and your unsaved friends.  They don’t read the Bible, do you?  They don’t depend on the Word of God to heal them, do you?  They depend on credit to survive, do you?  I know this is hard and this may not be you in every case, but let’s be honest.  If any of this describes you, just repent and seek to know the truth and be set free by it.

There are some tough things to swallow written here.  I wish someone confronted me with questions like this long ago.  I might have been delivered much sooner!  The only way to higher ground is to get to the place that common is no longer acceptable.  You can no longer tolerate being a powerless Christian.  Many Christian’s have the form of godliness, but lack of power!  They go to church, occasionally read their Bible, attend prayer meetings and even serve in the church, but the facts are the facts; they are void of power and they know it.

I encourage you to stop with the forms.  Stop settling for less than what God has ordained your life to be.  I challenge you to go to Him and seek Him with all your heart.  Hebrews 11 says that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.  I like the added word “diligent.”  Casual doesn’t appeal to God.  He likes red-hot pursuit.  When He shows up in your life, I guarantee you that things will get stirred up.  Your life will change.  Your associations will change.  Your finances will change.  Your way of dealing with sickness will change.  Why?  Because you will begin to base everything you say and do on the Word of God!  If it’s in Heaven, you can have it on Earth.  If it isn’t in Heaven you don’t have to put up with it here on Earth.  God wants you to taste and see that the He is good and to be a beacon of hope for others.

Finally, do not be condemned.  I was there.  I was common and mediocre accepting what life dished out.  I didn’t plan or desire to be that way.  I just didn’t know.  But when I learned the truth I did something about it.  That is all God expects.  When truth is presented, choose to make the necessary changes to become extraordinary.

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